New Zomm Def

Hi! I used to play awhile ago and picking the game up again, I saw how Zomm's been reworked (and in my opinion made OP when ignored). He is one of my all time favorite Heroes and would love to use him in my defense team. What Heroes go well with him now? Doesn't have to be specific Dark Heroes, just anyone that can really compliment his insane talents. Any thoughts?


  • tthebonetthebone Member
    Shade is a go to hero because of his shroud and insane support abilities. Aside from shade I also pair zomm with brom and executum because of the undead synergies. Brom and shadow queen daeris work well currently because doom blade, epic attack, and purple rain of sorrow both lower maximum health, which helps tremendously with the solaris team meta that there is currrently.
  • two slow heroes is kind not good, previosly i used same hero build, ponty, oe, zomm, brom, but that was not really good, best for me shade, ponty, hansuke, zomm.
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