Can we buff Nimrel and Nitpick? Ya know, cuz of Valentine's Day...

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Just a small, pointless plea in the sea of cries for gameplay and QoL improvements. But can we buff these two? Nimrel is just... bad. Her Epic, even, isn't that great. Her Epic could have another effect. Like doing 2x damage twice (like Willow), with a chance to Burn. Maybe make Nimrel fast, give her Speed Demon (the passive all Nimrel clones have), and even some new Elf synergies perhaps.
Nitpick is... I don't need to say why Nitpick is underpowered. Icepick, even disregarding his element, is a straight upgrade to Nitpick. Give Nitpick something to put him on par. Like, I dunno, make Nitpick part Dragon? That would be interesting. He's got little wings. You could do the same with Icepick. Just throwing things out there. I just wish these two were buffed and that we had more of a Valentine's Day event like in the past.


  • Scorching Volley to replace Flaming Arrow? At least it’s target + 2 random attacks.

    And I’m all for buffing my faves, Nitpick! It’s just that the changes have to tie up with their character backgrounds (hope that makes sense). :/
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    The Dungeon Boss wiki, bless it, still lists Pig's (presumably) snipped passive "bonfire" under various heroes' synergies. Why not bring that back for Nim? I'm guessing it was underpowered at the time, +25% to burn's damage doesn't sound like a lot, but in that case my suggestion would be to, um, raise the number until it's good. With Ferno around, it wouldn't even be a fire family-only bonus anymore.

    Maybe the elf family could be one that gives synergies to everyone but each other. They all seem to be loners, anyway. Willow/Nim could take their cue from Indigo and trigger a buff on a crit; Willow could give +dodge on crits. Lupina and the goblins already have the whole "extra attack on crits" thing going down, so perhaps Nim could buff her team with +attack? Indigo's already covered with her +energy on crits. Daeris seems a bit strong to this newbie (probably because of Haunt), so maybe her buff would be less impressive than the others. +Skill? Or maybe a -skill debuff on her team's crits?

    As for Nitpick, how about this: on full ascension, give Nitpick a bizarro version of Executus' vigiliance. Icepick has aegis shield, Nitpick gets human shield. Whenever Nitpick is meant to take damage, he hides behind a living teammate, and the teammate soaks up the hit for him. Obviously, if all of his buddies are dead, Nitpick is gonna get squashed like a bug.
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