Undead or Barbarian?

Trying to see if the new barbarian team is worth switching from my undead team. I use OE, Hansuke, Brom, and Zomm. Wanted to try using a team with a brand new unique mechanic. Thoughts?

Undead or Barbarian? 7 votes

LifeReaperBroomTravmaster1355 2 votes
echonapDeathrift_GingeNinjaStinkytoothlessmon 5 votes


  • Barbarian
    I think you should go barb, not full barb, I mean you know add a drakk to your team, and if you have him fully ascended add ignus to, you will get so much energy from Robbery you will be special attacking every turn when you have casted it... This requires you to have 1+ stacks of rage on ignus to work.
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