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I know QoL updates are on everyone's mind, like hero sorting, re-working where sparkly objects appear, etc.

But I think what this game needs more than anything is optimization. What I'm referring to, mainly, are the GUI's. They're clunky and annoying as all heck. I suppose this is kind of like a complaint about hero sorting, but it's more than just being able to quickly choose heroes.

I'm sure everyone's experienced huge amounts of lag and mis-taps when merely trying to scroll through your assortment of heroes. Scrolling through things in general in this game can often feel slow and messy. You'll scroll down a list, and suddenly the game jerks you back to the top of the list. Or you'll scroll to the bottom, only to have the game seemingly automatically select something you already scrolled past.

This isn't just annoying, it ruins gameplay and can sometimes even waste your materials. For instance, the friends list. I can't count the times I've wasted gems (albeit just a small amount) to trying to just SCROLL through my friends' heroes in dungeons. I'll try and swipe down only to hit the refresh button on a friend I've already used that day. What's worse is that I fear this could be an intentional bug to get people to waste small amounts of gems, which in time, could leave them a small handful of gems away from making an important purchase - and thus requiring them to spend money or face the consequences.

Another example is when you're scrolling through your heroes to reach a hero halfway down or at the bottom, and you almost get there but! - Suddenly, the game opens up Rogar's page, which you definitely did not tap on on purpose. Then when you close out of his page, you're back up at the top. This can happen 2 or even more times during one attempt to find a hero who's lower on your list. Of course, hero sorting or perhaps a search function would fix this indirectly.

It also happens in the tower to some extent, which is usually not as annoying. But I've noticed it can be misleading. Sometimes in the tower, if I scroll right after completing a battle, the heroes who are to appear on the next floor are bugged. Most of the time, they're displayed as the heroes I just defeated. Same order, same team, etc. And so I prepare my team to fight those heroes, but when I enter the floor, they're a completely different set of heroes - Which can mess me up sometimes. I can usually do the tower easily, but for those who need to carefully choose their teams, I imagine this can be extremely frustrating. Especially if the enemy has a lot of Fast heroes who can potentially wipe out your heroes before you can retreat.

And this "clunkiness" extends beyond just scrolling. Pressing buttons in general feels sticky and dysfunctional. I'm sure we've all closed out of a the campaign level selection screen or My Dungeon only to have tapped one too many times and opened up your profile data. It's a minor annoyance, but after it's happened a couple hundred times, you'll be wishing that it wouldn't. And sure, I could just remind myself to tap once on the 'Back' arrow and be patient, but sometimes when I do, it doesn't even register as a tap at all. I'm just waiting there for 10 seconds for nothing to happen. The constant conflict of button pressing between registering too many taps, or no taps at all, makes navigating even the simplest of menus a chore sometimes.

I understand you've got your hands full already. New heroes, new events, making worse and worse deals to squeeze out our money... And that ever-looming issue of hero sorting. But if you can find time, maybe try just smoothing your game out a bit? Making buttons feel less awkward and maybe add some generously-sized scroll bars to things to make scrolling less or a chore (or just make the hero page multiple pages with simple left and right arrows, rather than having it be one large list that's loaded in all at once at any given time). I'm no expert on game design, but I can tell you I've played similar games that were much easier and fluent to navigate. If I were to guess, and correct me if I'm wrong - I think it's because there's too much clutter. Too much effort put into making things look pretty and shiny rather than actually optimizing things. This is especially apparent in quick looting chests, where sometimes it's extremely laggy - And I can see the particle effects and tiny objects load in before anything else moves, leading me to suspect more work was put into making the whole ordeal look pretty, rather than making it go by fast.

I understand there are things more important than this. I'm being extremely picky. But... Then again, am I? Most games don't have these kinds of issues. I should not be asking for the bare necessities of a game's GUI's to be decently functional. These issues shouldn't even be issues. And while other players are losing interest in the game because of new, over-powered heroes or obvious cash-grabs, I'm losing interest because every time I load up the game, I feel like I'm running it on a computer form the 70's. Call me weird, but a huge part of what determines whether or not I enjoy a game is how quickly it responds to my inputs. A truly immersive and fun game feels like an extension of your actions, and doesn't detach you from the experience with loading times... Or at the very least, it doesn't put loading times on mere buttons and scrolling! I hope someday this game plays and functions smoothly. That would honestly reinvigorate my desire to play it by a lot.


  • I don’t think your being picky. I find those things very annoying too. If they could make those areas larger so that there was room to scroll without scrolling over the actual heroes, that would be great. Or put a scrolling bar on those screens.
  • I also agree with this post... Idk bout the friends list thing, it always gets an option saying "are you sure you want to reset?" Also I would pay some money for this, I also think that heroes should be able to express themselves... By either customizing their city into a masterpiece... Or warn you that they shouldn't be talked to cause they are crazy.
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  • I have never gotten a prompt asking me if I am sure I want to reset a friends hero. It just takes my gems and resets them. I just tried it again to make sure.
  • Yeah... Apparently they removed that mechanic when runes came in XD
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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