Blizzard! (Remastered) The Monster Warrior

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Classification: Monster|Warrior

Element: Water
+35/45% vs Fire units
-25% vs Nature units

Runes: [Water|Water|Nature|Light|Dark]

0 Ascends:
Snowy Cover- Chill, Frostbite, and Freeze immune
Chilly Crits- Will Chill any enemy on Crit

1st Ascend:
Melting Heal- Will heal all allies a small bit if attacked by a fire enemy or when taking damage from the Burn debuff
Stack Up- If attacked by a move that would Freeze, raise self Max Health and Defense
Cold Heart- Disease Immune. Will Freeze a Diseasing attacker

2nd Ascend:
Unnatural Fear- Fear immune and chance to Fear Beasts on basic attack
Frostbite Gang- If on a team with either IGOROK or Icebloom, melee attacking enemies will get a lowered attack
Cold Cover- Will cover any dead ally in a block of ice, making them unable to be removed. The ice can be hit three times before breaking, but each hit it takes from an enemy will melt the ice and heal all water allies a small bit. If Selwyn is on the team, this trait will work the same way when he is in Ice Block form. (He can be hit as many times as enemies would attack him and not break out of Ice Block)

Attack- 2,185
Defense- 2, 563
Skill- 1,826
Max Health- 4, 836
Crit Chance- 24%
Crit Multiplier- 200%
Dodge Chance- 0%
Damage Penetration- 0%
Damage Reduction- 0%
Fire Resist- 17%
Nature Resist- 0%
Water Resist- 36%
Light Resist- 0%
Dark Resist- 0%
Spirit Resist- 7%

Sweeping Swipe- Attacks one enemy. Has a 55% chance to "Brush off" one buff off an enemy

[Special] Cool Down: 4
Snowball Fight!- Allies throw snowballs at all enemies and has a chance to either Chill, Frostbite, or Freeze. Deals 2x damage per ally that is a water/ice hero. (IGOROK, Icebloom, Selwyn, Grog- Gnog, Goretusk, Valkin, Icepick, and Yorick)

[Special] Cool Down: 6
Wanna Build a Snowman?- Starts to stack up and make a snowman. This snowman will take 3 turns to be fully built (Adds a new stack at the beggining of each round.) Base of Snowman- 10% damage reduction for all allies. Middle of Snowman- 20% damage reduction for all allies. Head of Snowman- 30% damage reduction for all allies. Once fully built, Blizzard hits the snowman with his broom, scattering snow everywhere dealing small damage to enemies and has a chance to Slow.

[Special] Cool Down: 3
Sweeping up the Mess- Remove one debuff from each ally and self. If any dead allies are in an ice block, increase the number of times they can be hit by enemies to 5
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  • I feel like this is a fair hero... not to powerful and not to weak. Let me know if you disagree.
  • He seems interesting, I feel thought that he should have the healer tag.
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  • Yea I can see that being added
  • Wanna buils a snowman cracked me up LOL :D
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