Who would you be?

If you could have the powers,abilities,skill,(and looks) of any hero in the game who would it be?

BTW i would be pontifex cause he's friggin awesome.


  • tthebonetthebone Member
    life reaper brom
  • Alexandros
  • sirtainlysirtainly Member
  • sirtainly wrote: »

    A zombie? Of all of the heroes you can be,you want to be a zombie?!
  • NobodyPiNobodyPi Member
    Grog Gnog.
  • possibly Phemus. my right eye's not that great, so i'm kind of used to living as a Cyclops already.
    it's not to the point where i'm full-on half-blind, though. it's just that my left eye is more dominant in regards to seeing things.

    i think it would be nice to be Nubnub too. if his healing skills work on actual diseases as well, i could do quite some good with it while still being able to shoot nasty people in the face.

    i suppose it could be cool to be Phenol, too, as i can split myself up and crawl through small spaces and such thanks to his gelatinous form.

    as long as i can change back into my old self.

  • I’d be Solaris. Not only do I never die, I keep all my friends from dying!

    Well, if I HAD friends...
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  • BarleymanBarleyman Member
    Sifu Jianzhi.

    He's been ignored by the devs since day 1, so he has a nice quiet life.
  • I have changed my mind. Out of all of the heroes in DB i would be my boi shadowblade
  • hatredhatred Member
    Maybe shade? Possession has shitloads of potential in real life, you could just possess the corpse of someone and gain all their wisdom, wealth, strength, and status. Spirit link could also be cool, basically immortality.
    The problem is that haunted past and shroud will attract all the emo kids...
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