I can't move on to the next level, although I completed the last chapter. Every round has 3 star.

I am having trouble moving to the next chapter. The game insists that I haven't completed the last chapter in order to go on to the next chapter. I completed the whole chapter! Every round has 3 stars! Am I missing something? Maybe there is something I am not doing. I want to continue playing the game. I even sent a support report, but they said it would take anywhere from 24 hours to 72 hours.


  • StinkyStinky Member
    Which chapter are you on now? The early chapters require you to complete the associated quests (level Yasmin to level 10 and the like), could it be that you haven't done one of those?

    Unfortunately the error messages in this game can't be relied upon. For example, people in the level 50-59 range get told that a piece required to upgrade their epic weapon doesn't drop from a dungeon - in actual fact, it does, but the player needs to be level 60. So the problem probably isn't that the game thinks you haven't finished the chapter, the problem is that you're being given the wrong explanation.
  • I leveled them up to 12! What do I do if it's giving me the wrong message?
  • Oh, I get it now. Maybe I need to level them up even more. I guess I need to get more loot keys. I wish they had an instruction manual or at least tell you what you need to do in the game.
  • I had to equip runes first in the quest. I guess you have to complete some of the quests first before moving on to the next chapter.
  • StinkyStinky Member
    Yeah, sorry, that's what I was trying to say, but I wasn't clear enough. I think the relevent quests have "chapter" in their name? Or maybe it's "ch", it's been a while since I completed them.

    I'm glad you got it sorted out, this is a really fun game once you get going.
  • Yeah... I think it was too long of a tutorial. Many phone games do. Most people just want to get playing and not be shown the same stuff over and over the first 3 days.
  • danacdanac Member
    kids today.
    back when I played DB, we didn't have quest requirements for getting to new chapters.

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