Ghoulstuve and other light and dark possabilities

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These are my ideas for the hero that was believed to be released last Halloween but I believe to be released light and dark event, hopefully this will inspire DB to bring this hero to the game, or any of these changes because most heroes need this buff

Most favored hero: Zom for allowing him to steal the bones of his army, letting the dead serve him as spirits but keeping them under his forever torment



Necro bludgeon

Deal damage to target enemy, heal undead and spirit allies equal to damage dealt

Zombie wall

Summon a 5th character, a wall in the middle of the battlefield (it will have health, and defense) if there are any zom minions destroy them,add their combined attack and health to the walls maximum, also add any defense and damage reduction they might have 5 energy

Sound of spirits

Summons the spirit of death through a powerful shriek, it attacks all enemies, avoiding any sort of damage reduction, if any die each undead and spirit attack a random enemy for each one killed, then transform all undead into spirits

(Undead passives become spirit affecting passives like executem increases spirit health, Zomm eat brains becomes a possess,

Talking with the dead

Heals all allies for a medium amount, undead and spirit allies gain 1 energy for each undead and spirit healed this way.


0 ascensions

Always goes first

Once they were alive I

Spirits gain undead tag

Foreign immunities
Cannot be possessed, corpse burned,frozen,chilled,poisoned,charmed,silenced,and takes 50% less damage from spirits damage (nub nub would gain this passive)

1st Ascension
Requirements:9 spirit evos, 20 dark monarchs, 20 fire monarchs, And 20 light monarchs

Once they were alive II
Spirits gain the undead tag, and fast

Ghostly reincarnation

If this hero would be on a team with Zomm from the grave will ressurect him instead of becoming a zomminion, if he has an epic ressurect with full energy, repeat this effect for allied spirits, they will still be sacrificed to zombie wall (they will gain a buff called zomminion, basically marking them for all zomminion affecting effects.)

2nd Ascension
6 crypt evos, 2 arcane evos, 20 fire evos, and 33 dark evos

Remanence of death

Does a specific thing for each undead not on the team

Give undead and spirit allies kenjutsu X if hansuke isn't on the team at the start of battle (X is equal to the level of his kenjutsu)

Give undead and spirit allies devourere of curses if executem isn't on the team

Give undead and spirit allies cold as death if not on a team with Yorick

Give undead and spirit allies soul eating III,IV,Or V depending on his current Ascension if brom isn't on the team

Give undead and spirit allies lord of the undead if Zomm isn't on your team, only works if he is fully ascended

(None of these will work if you don't own them, so if you don't own zom then you won't get the lord of the undead )

New passive! Once they were alive III
Spirits gain the undead tag (benefit from anything that an undead would, have fast, and deal double damage to non-spirits or undead

Spiritual overpowering

Spirits penetrate one damage reduction at random, if they would ever kill gain the team a 10% max hp boost

Basic stats (fully ascended, max level and 6 stared,not benefiting from runes,or stat improving passives
Attack 1256
Defensem 737
Skill 1,800
Health 3,957
Critical chance 20%
Spirit resist 33%
Dark resist33%

His starting ability becomes soul wail which massively reduces the attack and skill of enemies for 1 turn, silencing them and dealing splash damage (5 energy)

His vigilance becomes a passive

He gains the passive ghostly armaments

10% dodge, whenever this hero dodges attack the target he dodged as a ranged attack dealing spirit damage, applying silence,disease,or fear at random, if it applies a debuff already applied then this deals double damage

Devourere of curses

Basic attacks have a chance to cleanse target of disease, if the target was successfully cleansed deal double damage, lifestealing, repeat for silence and poison

Yorick becomes a barbarian and is restored to his formal warrior glory

Touch of death gets an additional cast for each stack of rage he has, if this hits anyone already affected freeze them

Lifeless breath now deals damage to all enemies, starts powered, and if any of them already have frostbite then he gains one rage

Warding strike now adds the buffs purged to a random undead ally, it's added to an additional ally for each stack of rage he has

He also gains the passive barbaric dictators
Gain 5% lifesteal for all allies for each stack of rage yorick has, other barbs increase this lifesteal bonus by 1% for each stack of rage they have (so if yorick has max stacks he will give everyone 25% lifesteal, if drakk is on the team full stacks of rage the lifesteal becomes 30% another ful stacked barb makes it 35% to a max of 40%)

Heart stopper auto kills enemies and heals him 25% of their current health. If it was his epic heal him for 50% instead

Increase his attack an defense


Flesh incarnate now affects zomminions

Animate dead will now affect lifesteal runes or any form of it, and if they heal they are automatically revived at the amount they lifestealed

Chaos storm now costs 4 energy

Grave digger costs 2 energy, starts powered, and increses max hp instead of water resistance

other possabilities

Aria revamp
0 ascensions:

Provoking poke applies daze if the target is already provoked

Sand in eyes is replaced with Defensive position

purge offensive position if possible,reduce attack by 20% and increase dodge chance by 40%, transform this ability into Offensive position (Upgrading this trait reduces attack reduction and increases dodge chance, lasts 2 turns and reverts when the buff expires))

Offensive position- Purge defensive position, double damage dealt, reduce dodge chance by 30% and transform this ability into defense position

New Passive! Light footed I

Light heroes have 10% increased dodge chance to Attacks that attack more then 1 person

1st ascension:

New Passive! En Guard

When a Light hero dodges all light heroes gain a stack of En Guard (retaliates that many times when attacked, and dodges,each stack increases defence by 10%, and consumes all stacks when retaliating)

Light footed II

Light heroes have 20% increased dodge chance to Attacks that attack more then 1 person

Replace hurricane flurry with On the attack

double Retaliation bonus damage, apply provoke to all enemies, and give light heroes haste (Starts powered 7 energy)

2nd ascension:

Light footed III

Light heroes have 30% increased dodge chance to Attacks that attack more then 1 person

New Passive! Great Sensei

your other light heroes gain 1 energy when dodging

Replace Primed twist with Ready for Action

Gain a stack of En Guard for each provoked enemy, then attack all provoked enemies for each stack of En Guard on Aria


Enlightenment starts powered but heals instead of granting haste


1. Now a warrior in addition to being a tank

2.his basic attack is replaced with reflective wall which applies damage reflection to all allies for 2 turns and gains a stack of Charged Up

3. He now has an ability called reflective cannon which purges the damage reflection on all allies and deals damage equal to the amount of damage reflected by it, Gain A stack of charged up( 0 energy)

4. Shocking grasp is replaced with Charged up- Increases attack, grants chance to shock, allows attacks to deal splash damage (stacks up to 10 times)

1st ascension

New passive! Tech Buster

Deal 2x damage to constructs

Replaces shield bash with Scrap Attack

Attacks target, if target is a construct, if this kills the construct absorb the parts ( so he will gain all of the passives, stats, and the construct won't be revivable (If this doesn't kill then this instead applies un-healable damage and gain maximum health equal to damage dealt) 3 energy

Second ascension:

New passive! Excess Power

Special attacks effects repeat on random targets for each stack of Charged up (so scrap attack will also attack a random enemy up to 10 times for each stack of charged up, each effect will proc if it kills or attacks a construct, reflective cannon will deal its damage it dealt to the first target to random targets for each stack of charged up, this will still grant a stack of charged up, these still deal splash damage, and has a chance to shock

Replace taunt with In my sights

gain taunt, a defense buff, and double all bonus damage for allies (so hunter passives, attack buffs, ect.)

(Shade buff and nerf)


Spirit link is now Spirit drain which costs 1 more energy, steals buffs from all enemies, and increases max hp by 10% for each buff stolen to all spirits

Haunted past is now also casted by other spirits on his team but the damage bonus is for their element as well.

Black diamand

New ninja class

She has became more flashy, and has inherited a lot of money to buy herself diamonds...

Blade storm becomes diamond storm which deals triple damage of the original, and applies bounty on damaged enemies((not killed enemies)) (when killed the killer gains 2 energy) and its energy is 3

Assassins wraith becomes ninja wrath which has all ninjas attack, and its energy is reduced by 3

assassinate now deals increased damage, gains 1 energy for each kill, and costs 3 energy now

Masuta Kira
Is now a ninja
Increase to attack, and critical strike

Death blossom attacks all enemies attacks people twice again and its cooldown is reduced to 4

vibrating palm silences, starts powered, fully purges them

tenacity will sometimes cast vibrating palm on all enemies.

Shadow blade

From the shadows is now casted by all ninjas on the team, energy reduced to 4

His basic attack becomes vampiric shurikans


Demonic pride will automatically proc and has a 25% chance to grant 2 energy instead

Gluttony also reduces damage demons take from enemies by 15% for each buff or stack of buff the enemies have on them (so at 4 stacks of rage they will take 60% less damage from that one barb, if another barb had only 2 then they would take 30% less damage from him/her)

envious blade now is envious flurry
attack a random enemy 3 times, each hit has an 85% chance to trigger an additional hit and steal a buff, reduce its energy to 4

Lethal lust is no longer a passive

if they choose to go this path the other demons will get a buff and a new light demon will be introduced


Hale storm also has a chance to freeze, and it's energy cost is reduced to 3

Deal with devil

now grants target immunity for a turn, and has icepick take 30% of max health as damage (Health cost is reduced as you level this ability) this cooldown is reduced to 3

Blood in the water becomes an aoe, it deals increased damage to enemies with a damaging over time effect on them, and is casted multiple times for each dead ally or enemy

He gains an epic increasing critical damage, health, and attack
His epic is attack target freezing and gaining shatter for all allies, then trigger nitpiks epic


He gains fire power
(The passive that that gives fire damage immunity and is pyromaniac in addition for all fire allies

Spine chilling becomes a normal passive, and no longer requires malice to work

He gains a new passive: Chaos Magic

Whenever on a team with malice if he casts a special ability cast another one at random (this doesn't effect cooldown, and can cast itself, and can be cast even if the ability is on cooldown, this does not go infinite, targets hit are random as well)

Chaos bolt replaces fireball

Attack target for massive chaos damage, (chaos damage has a chance to apply a random debuff and always criticals, even if there is anything that would prevent it like waishu, or disease) then cast fireball on 2 random enemies 5 energy

Savage slash is replaced with meteor crash

Charge for a turn, gaining Flying V (immunity to melee damage) until end of turn, then next turn deal massive damage to all enemies applying wildfire

( it will be like gaining flying on cast then next turn dealing massive damage to all enemies and being able to cast an ability, it will work the same way if casted by wild magic, if it is casted off of itself by wild magic then the damage effect will proc twice, and it will make you have flying X which will make him heal for any melee damage he would of taken) 6 energy

Mark of havoc replaces meteor storm

Marks target with the spirit of havoc doubling damage they do, if a single target attack would target anyone else cast it on this one as well

(It would also repeat any kind of effects the attack had like applying debuffs, stealing anything, additional attacks, healing, buffing,ect. Example, if nitpik casted chaos bolt on another enemy then it would also be cast on him, casting a total of 4 fireballs on random enemies, if any hit another enemy then it would also hit the enemy it was currently applied to, if 2 enemies had it then it would just gain an additional cast, if it hits someone with mark of chaos then it won't hit the other one because the make has done its job, but If it hits one enemy when all other enemies had mark of chaos it will become an aoe that isn't treated as an aoe)

Burning brotherhood(second Ascension passive)
If on a team with ignus nitpik gains maniacal and ignus gains chaos magic, chaos magic loses the need to have malice on the team if ignus is on the team.

His basic attack becomes that ability that those nitpik a have on fire boss island that reduce max health and deal increased damage to burning enemies

Nitpiks epic now triggers ice picks epic (does not form an infinite loop similar to how abagail and balog work)

Nitpick is now recklessly fast
Always goes first (even before fast heroes) takes 10% increased damage, and starts with 1 additional energy


He gains a new passive when fully ascended called living nightmare

Gained from using abilities to torture enemies, it increases the effects of his abilities, stacks up to 8 times

Soul shred now transforms rage into grief, when he uses it he will say something different depending on which one he damages, it's cooldown is reduced to 4 (grief gains a stack whenever an ally is hit)

if he damages abagail he will say "it's about your mother isn't it? Then she will start crying

when he damages balog he will say, it's ok to be weak, I used to be weak like you, then he will start crying

if he damages ignus he will say you loved fire didn't you? Then you know,
then finally drak, he will say you will never be as legendary as the other legends then he will start to cry

At 8 stacks he will say these

To abagail your mother was right, you will never get married

And to balog she will never love you

To ignus, your just wasting my time

And to drakk your way to fat to be the best legendary

Double chop is replaced with nightmare form

Double damage you deal next turn, then if any of your enemies are at 8 stacks of grief they run away.

Reap souls replaces spreading fear

Consume all corpses, then attack a random enemy for each corpse consumed (this can trigger epic)

His epic now deals 6x damage, and attacks all enemies

Lifesteals a percentage of damage dealt

Ella becomes a healer

Her charm also has the target cast a random special ability, if it is a heal it will heal your team, if it is a damaging effect, it will be dealt to the enemy team, if it's a buff then it will be given to a random ally cooldown is reduced to 3

Blood ritual is casted on all other allies other then her, and it's cooldown is reduced to 4

Fatal lust replaces kiss of death

Attacks target, lifestealing for team, if the target is below 21% health then kill him/her then steal all buffs applying each to a friendly demon, and then heal equal to targets remaining health, 2 turn cooldown


Gain embrace fever (increasing attack, healing, and skill instead of the negative effects it would usually grant, this also affects leaching parasites, making them heal you, and kobal equal to the amount healed, increasing his max hp by the amount healed, and skill affects heal to allies,heal to self ,and max hp increase)

His pandemic swarm will affect all allies as well, and applies leaching parasites (Dealing damage every turn, healing kobal equal to damage dealt and increasing max hp equal to the amount healed, and skill affects damage,heal to self,and max hp increase for self) and always applies disease

All his abilities would start powered, lowered to 4 energy cost,
His Control Contagin would become a passive that doubles damage enemies takes while diseased and halve damage allies take while they are diseased

He would get an ability called Evolutionary plagues
It would make all debuffs stack (so it would be possible to to apply 7 burns, or 3 turns of freeze, or 2 poisons, the way disease would work is that it would further reduce damage dealt and healing) and then grow them by 1 stack

He would also have tenacity which would have. a 30% chance to cast arcane bolts,

changes to arcane bolt: If anyone on the team is a caster they will cast it as well.

Dark deception

If this hero would die prevent it, heal to full health, then gain allies 2 energy, if any of them are dark gain them haste to (This will only proc once per dungeon)

Plague spreader becomes Piercing Plagues

Debuffs avoid immunities,if any debuff would be removed or expire they will take damage equal to this heroes skill

His Epic now applies a random debuff each hit, Stat priorities of epics switch as well (30% skill 20% health, and 20% defense)

Your loss is my gain now gains one for each ally whenever an enemy dies

All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...


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    i wrote more for shadowblade and the my idea for the light demon, didn't have enough room and was too lazy to write them back...

    i just remembered what i wrote for shadowblade so i will write that below, and maybe some of the light demon, it won't be exactly the same but i will try.
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    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
  • his shurikans were replaced with wrath of the curse

    It attacks target 4 times, then a random enemy 3 times, then another random enemy 2 times, then strikes all unstruck enemies 1 time applying cursed flame (It will apply a random debuff at the end of each turn, even if it is application exclusive to a hero or boss, even legendary heroes, these last until cursed flame expires, this debuff lasts 3 turns) cooldown 4

    Plague spreader now spreads debuffs on hit and has a chance to apply disease on hit

    Dark Arts III

    has a 5/10/15% chance to gain Cursed Flame Touch and gain haste until end of turn
    All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
    May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
    Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...
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