Phenol Thoxian Revamp!

Ok, Phenol is my favourite hero in the game, and I think he needs some love! He is so utterly terrible and desperately needs a change in my opinion! First of, he has the most basic of basic signatures in the game: Jelly Shot: 'Ranged Nature Attack On All Enemies' it also does, like, 1 damage and really who even cares about poison? Anyways most of the time you can't even GET the poison because of Shade's shroud! Jiggle, is alright but he's slow so it's so ineffective and to start of with Phenol's HP isn't something to be impressed by! Toxic spittle is the most useless final ascension attack ever... 1 damage, chance to poison, 1 enemy. Even his traits are bad! The only decent (nah that's being too nice) is Monstrous Growth and even thats useless as it doesn't support the team and who is actually going to run a monster team, to boost his health a bit? Ok... That's it! Let me know if you have any suggestions on how we can improve this ball of sludge :)


  • I made a monster revamp page where he became a jello healer... Might be stupid but at least he would be viable.
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  • That be better than what he is now!
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    Alright, brainstorming here. The idea is to make Phenol similar to Leo or Zomm, in the respect that they're a hero that effectively tanks because they're too dangerous to ignore. Also, to make use of the really cute smaller slimes. I mean, look at them! Aren't they adorable?

    (Picture taken from the DB wiki entry for Phenol.)

    Tweaked mechanic: stacking Poison.
    Currently, Poison is a very boring mechanic. Compare it to Burn, Chill and Frostbite and you see what I mean; Burn can boost damage done to a target (Squinch, Ferno), while Chill and Frostbite directly impact ability useage. Poison is just...there, doing a fair amount of damage per turn but that's it. Ho hum.

    Change poison so that it can stack. One stack of posion would be less damaging than it is now, but let it get too high and you're in serious trouble. Cleanse effects will remove all stacks of posion, not one stack at a time; good hygiene is a counter to Phenol.

    If anyone is immune to poison, instead of getting a poison debuff they take immediate damage. This is mainly to prevent tedious stand-offs where someone with a Phenol is fighting against some poison immune enemy in the campaign; Phenol, Jabber, Rocky and co. will do less damage than they would normally, but not to the point where it becomes a slog or even a deadlock (Solaris vs. Solaris).

    New trait: Divide and Conquer.
    If there are any empty spaces on Phenol's turn - i.e. a teammate has died, fled, or been eaten - Phenol splits up and fills the empty spaces with Phenol Juniors. This doesn't affect Phenol directly, so he doesn't lose HP by splitting up or anything like that. These cute li'l fellas have three abilities: Radiate Innocence, Tantrum and Coochie Coochie Goo. Radiate Innocence applies one stack of poison to all enemies. Tantrum is your common or garden Taunt. Coochie Coochie Goo applies three stacks of poison to one enemy.

    New trait: Oozes' Confidence.
    While Phenol remains on the board, Phenol and Phenol Jnrs cannot take more than 45% of their life in one hit. Basically, this works like Furnace's Abs of Steel, except it applies to Phenol's offspring, too. In addition, when a Phenol is hit, that Phenol gains +1 energy.

    Tweaked ability: Jelly Shot.
    Now Slows as well as inflicting two stacks of Poison. The enemy is covered in slime, so it's hard for them to move; being slowed down by this isn't a crazy notion.

    Tweaked ability: Jiggle.
    No longer Taunts. Heals Phenol himself as well as any Phenol Jnrs. Non-Phenol teammates get nothing.

    Tweaked ability: Toxic Spittle.
    Now applies six stacks of Poison, and also Slows.
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  • @Stinky I love the effort and thought you put into this rework! So much better than endless unspaced paragraphs Buuuuut- He still has very little synergy other than nature. His jelly jnr just seems like a different take on zomm, and you're also copying furnaces abilities. Love the effort, but something more original would be better.

    Maybe he could be a monsterous blob instead of a sad and alone jelly ;)
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    Thanks! Well, he'd work well with other monsters, as well as with Lily. Phenol should keep his +HP bonus from having other monsters around. Marrow would put an auto-taunt on him, IGO would cause him to take less damage, Hopper spreads disease and eats corpses, and Koros murders everything as well as removing pesky Shrouds. Monsters aren't the strongest family around and part of that is because unlike undead/dark, beasts, and now barbarians, monsters don't have a "plan B". I think Phenol could fill that niche.

    Slimes splitting into two or more is kinda their thing, along with containing remnants of unfortunate adventurers. Slay the Spire and Darkest Dungeon, two games I've been playing a lot recently, both have their slime monsters increase over time. Slay the Spire's slimes split into two when they reach half HP, but that wouldn't really translate to DB because DB is so much faster; most of my games in tower/PvP end at or before turn three. I realise it might seem a little too Zomm-like, but my other idea - coming back as a smaller slime - could be seen as pretty derivative of Solaris' self-res mechanic, too. With ~80 heroes, I'm not sure how much originality is possible.

    Maybe instead of splitting when Phenol's turn rolls around, extra slimes appear after Phenol gets hit? Or on Phenol's death? That way it's more of a Zomm/Solaris hybrid, without being either.
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  • I think he should have some sort of mitosis stacks where every time he hits, a mini slime is near his feet (that don't physically exist) or on his head. Each stack (up to 5 or 10) adds more chance to add a stack of poison and increases damage and max HP (By a small amount, maybe 100). His taunt also absorbs all allies' incoming AOE damage and mitigates a percent per stack. (20% damage taken at max stacks)
  • Love the ideas!
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