Rune DR Wrong [Fixed]

Why do I only have 7 DR on Drakk when his runes should give ~10 if multiplicative or ~14 if they add?gmqw36ihobii.png
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  • Fville8Fville8 Member
    Did you just equip or upgrade them? The card doesn't update right away. You have to leave and come back to see new changes.
  • Yes I did. A restart now shows 15%, thanks. :)
  • Do you know if it stacks additively or multiplicatively with Drakk's rage DR?

    -Add=75+15=90% at cap

  • echonapechonap Member
    Different types of DR stack multiplicatively.

    The math is actually 1 - ((1-.75) * (1-.15)) = 0.7875%. That is why at high levels, additional DR is effectively useless.
  • Ohh so those rune slots could be used for something better.
  • echonapechonap Member
    Yes. DR is a bad choice for barbarians and beasts with GT. It is only good at low amounts, when there is no other source for DR.

    Think about if you went to a store that had a 75% off sale, and you had a coupon for 15% off. You are buying an item that is worth $100. If the discounts applied additively, it would be 90% off and you would pay $10. If they stacked multiplicatively, the $100 item would be on sale for $25. Then your 15% off coupon would be applied to the $25 item for a total cost of $21.25, resulting in an actual discount of 78.75%.
  • Ok. Knew how that worked but know which one applied to DR.
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