Why doesn't hopper stop Emily revive?

lost_jumper1lost_jumper1 Member
edited May 26 in My Dungeon Discussion
Why does after my agnon face-plant a ferno. Emily get to revive right after without my hopper getting to eat the corpse??

Lost a 80streak to a 77 because i thought my hopper would eat the corpse of ferno before Emily gets her turn???


  • StinkyStinky Member
    Was there a Solaris on the enemy team? While she doesn't give Ferno an automatic phoenix feather, Solaris will smother him in her dander after doing her cleansing heal.
  • Disregard there was a solaris feather on ferno. I jus suck n earned the loss.
  • StinkyStinky Member
    If it helps, Emily can now auto-purge away feathers. I don't know if it clears the feathers on corpses or only on the living, though.
  • Yea Emily a goddess
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