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recently came back to dungeon boss,i understand pay-to-win beast teams and pay to win barbs are all the rage(ha,get it).
however on solaris,I need a little clarification on her abilities.when I kill her she revivies the whole team,but if I kill her last she comes back and then revivies the whole team.i don't know what the best order to kill her in is.also,screw barbs.


  • echonapechonap Member
    Solaris has a fury meter. It fills up when slightly more than two heroes are dead. Meaning, if two heroes are dead, but the third has not taken damage, she cannot use the ability. If all three heroes take 75% damage, it is fully charged, even though nobody is dead yet. The fury meter does not charge when she takes damage, only her teammates.

    When she dies, she will automatically revive the next round if her counter is at 3. It increases 1 per round. When she revives, all dead beasts also revive. Nobody else will revive automatically. For non beasts, the only way they will revive is if her fury meter is full and she uses Immolating Fire. She usually only does this if she is the last one standing.

    The strategy for beating her is to kill 2 out of the 3 opponents. Never leave her alive alone. If you kill all 3 and she is the last one, she will revive the team. Once 2 out of 3 are dead, switch your attacks to Solaris. Two possible ways to win. Either you kill Solaris, or you wait for her to commit suicide. Then you kill the last opponent. Must happen in the same round, or she will rise from ashes. If that happens, keep attacking her. Never kill the 4th and leave her alive alone.
  • Thank you for that! That clears up a ton.
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