therand fiddlestrom+Selwyn+pontifex mortis+ dagrund blacksmoke.

synergy: +1 energy to caster allies each turn,therand gains +40% hp boost from dagrund, Selwyn has ice form. defensive lineup:
spot 1,therand fiddlestrom.
spot 2,selwyn.
spot 3,pontifex mortis.
spot 4,dagrund blacksmoke.

reason why I think its good: Selwyn has ice form,so he doesn't need to go first. you put therand first because of his random effect passive,it could either freeze or daze enemy team. then afterwards,selwyn can re-freeze/freeze whoever isint frozen.most likely,pontifex will survive because of the daze/freeze from therand/Selwyn. all 3 casters have 25% increased damage from dagrund.

thoughts and opinions?im thinking about de-runeing my monster team in exchange for this. right now im running igorak,red fire one that spews lava, phenol and phemus.monster team does good because phenol has 40% hp boost from monsters and 25% def boost from phemus with a heal taunt,phemus and red guy and igorak are okayish at damage.


  • I’m not sure what level you are, but at anything other than low levels, that’s gonna get destroyed. A single fast hero to kill or silence freeze your first normal and your whole strategy is gone. Plus, your only real damage dealer is ponti. Don’t have any purges or cleanses or revives.
  • I could see it working to about level 35...
  • I could see it working to about level 35...

    Idk, I mean people told me that about my ignus otk team and it wipes out anything... As long as there is no barb on the team, also for higher level viability if any of them are 6 stars it has some viability (maybe) but if he's trying to go for a caster team he should be using ferno and lily, I mean triple energy for ferno, lily gets her turn plant abilities every turn so you don't have to worry about her terrible basic attack damage, ferno getting to use an ability each turn... Is self explanatory, I mean it seems to work, but I have actually battled a barb caster team (drakk,Selewn,ignus,and ponti. Worked pretty well and destroyed my barb team utterly (but I don't have good barbs, and the reason I was playing with them is for obviously that win with one species quest.
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  • im level 65 but just recently getting back into DB, understanding how runes work,etc. I use a monster team now and win almost all of my matches as long as its not a barb team.i can usually beat solaris teams too.but I know,they're meta
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    I never understand why people post asking for advice, and then reply to any feedback with "well I'm not having any problems!". If you're not having any issues then why ask for advice? Stick with what works for you for as long as it works for you.
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