Goldpick, the Literal Speed Demon!

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Type: Light
Keywords: Demon/Fast/Warrior
Runes: LLDGF (yup, no water!)

Appearance: A yellow Nitpick clone with no wings holding a whip.
Desc: Goldpick is a speed demon in all senses of the phrase. Even his whip is faster than most!

0th evo

Supersonic: goes in time slot 0 for determening the order of who goes first, but still counts as 'fast' for the purpose of heroes who have synergies with or deal extra damage to fast heroes.
Perfect Swing

1st evo

Agile II: 20% dodge chance --> 30% dodge chance
2FST4U: deals ×2 damage to slow heroes

2nd evo
Agile III: 30% dodge chance --> 40% dodge chance
Speed Demons: All alied demons go in time slot 1 (the 'fast' time slot) on the first turn of battle.
Super Speedster: Has a 100% chance to get haste on crit.


Whiplash: Basic melee attack with Goldpick's whip.

Speednado!: Goldpick runs around the enemies at an extremly fast pace, making a yellow tornado that engulfs the enemy team. Deals damage to all enemies, having a 100% chance to slow and a 50% chance to shock.

Lightning Whiplash: Goldpick strikes his whip at lightning speed at a single enemy, dealing damage and having a 100% chance to shock.

Speedy Rampage: Goldpick attacks three enemies with his whip. Then, he grants a random ally haste.


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    Great idea! I really like the abilities, and db has kinda been needing some more demons. Also i think Goldpick might help demoms to become a viable team to use and invest in
  • Mert92Mert92 Member
    any artwork?
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