Abigail and Shadowblade

Abigail's rage does not increase when she is struck by Shadowblade's From the Shadows ability. I am attacking with Abigail, they are defending with Shadowblade. Shadowblade goes first since he is defending, casts From the Shadows, teleports behind Abigail and whacks her for x damage. In theory since she has just been wounded her rage should go up 1. It did not. And it wasn't purged because at the time she had 0 rage so nothing there to be purged.


  • echonapechonap Member
    That's because From the Shadows also purges a buff. Since nobody has gone yet, the only thing to purge is the 1 stack of rage that Abi has. If she went first, there's a 50/50 chance that he would remove the str buff instead.
  • RocksorRocksor Member
    What I have noticed is that prior to the animation of an opponent actually hitting a barbarian, the rage icon goes up by 1. Then you see the char animation hit the barbarian. This would mean that SB would have purged that rage of 1.
  • morillimorilli Member
    So Shadowblade purges before and after each attack? She had no rage to be purged to start with. So if he purges before any actual damage she should still gain 1 stack of rage. If he purges after the damage then she should have no stacks.
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