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Firstly, the X2 trophy bonus is very cool. As it gives players a possible boost to regain boss 100 finishes with a good timed streak. All for it.

However, the 4.99 with 5 purchase limit seems like nothing more than an unfair pay to win option like telling the rich kids "here, slip me a few bucks and we'll beat those f2p hard workers". I'm getting g tired of seeing it in the shop. I am NOT against spending a little cash on you guys and am all in favor of support that you receive for this great game. But this money grab technique needs to go. It's been a trend lately and only gives an unfair advantage to your better off financially players.

I mean no disrespect in my post. But please market something else that doesn't give players a direct advantage in game play. Buying tokens and gems etc saves a time sink....buying trophis is bs
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    Wow. So you put it put full week instead. 2k gems with 1 limit. And 4.99 for 5....per day.


    Do you really think it's fair that when 2 players put in the same amount of effort. ....that one should get twice as much for slipping you a couple bucks?.... you don't have enough of these rich entitled players buying epics for 99.99?

    A lot of ths comm unity is made of kids without their mommies debit cards. Or even struggling adults patents that enjoy this game known that they have (had) a level playing field and a legit chance to get rewards just like every one else.

    It's obvious you couldn't care less about them.

    Thanks a ton. I feel my love and desire to play this ga.....erm I mean line your pockets anymore.

    I can deal with tower toughness. Horrible drop rates and even the worst timed pvp event in the games history....but this is seriously starting to piss me off. And many other players.

    Lastly I am NOT poor or against supporting BF. I am vip 4 and am all for you guys making a profit it is more than deserved. But agsin.....sacrificing the playing field level of fairness for 4.99. ... LAME
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    Do you have a hard time getting legend 1 each week? That's not a snarky question, I just don't know why you're upset over trophies.
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    No. I'm legend 1 every week. I didn't take it as smark no worries. But my rank isn't the point or what I'm contesting.

    It's the fact that in a direct competition like boss rewards or the guild tournament even players can put the exact ampunt of time and effort in pvp with the same success rate and the kid who slips big fish a couple bucks gets twice as many trophies. I find thst absolute bs.

    Buying player xp boost...tokens...gems etc does not effect other players directly. It does not give anyone a direct advantage by simply inflating their score.

    This is a quick cash grab

    It's a pay to win tactic. And one tjing I play and have played this game for is because it wasn't a pay to win game and everyone had an equal chance. Saving tickets or resources just to have joe moneybags buy his way past you is pure and utter BS.

    Imagine playing street ball with your friends. Billy is the score keeper. .....team a slips Billy 5 bucks.....team a now gets 14 pts a touchdown because team b doesn't have the money. Yea thst would go over well

    You should be exempt from this sale if you are in legend status. Problem solved. Also keep it out of guild tourneys...make the results organic and let's see who really wins I stead of who has more money. Your cash grabs are getting annoying and pretty much disgusting.

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