Shade absolutely must be nerfed



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    It is wrong to just nerf shade, total work shoud be on koros, hero that can wipe all team at once, solaris, that is pain in the ****, ferno, argon and so on, vip players would take other hero and shade nerf wouldn't bring anything, problem is much bigger, it's not in one hero it's in balance itself, and it is possible to say that each hero op, sb can 1 shot, agnon can 1 shot zomm can 1 shot, coros can ultra kill 1 shot, solaris can 1 shot if in dmg, igorok can freeze and do epic on frozen, mk can 1 shot, but not in first turn as it was, furnance can't be 1 shoted and so on, all have strong and weak points, best way is to add more synergy among heroes, to add more ways in pvp.
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    Deathrift_ wrote: »
    "FINE"???!!! "FINE"???!! ok let me not lose it. Yes shade has many counters but how will your counters work if you cant debuff, and your facing diehard level 70 vip10 players? Ive killed many shade teams, but he is ANYTHING but fine the way he is. He needs a nerf, rather make dark shroud work like impervious instead of granting immunity to all debuffs or remove turn a blind eye. This dude can be stacked up for 100% attack, and alongside that he is fast. If you haven't realized yet shade legit killed the use for about 40 heroes. Literally about 40. People like indigo, useless now. Icebloom. Igorok, even after a buff isn't a match for shade teams. People like light heroes. U S E L E S S. Whatever you do a shade team can counter it. The only way to do pvp now is to use these new heroes, or buffed old heroes made to adapt to the meta, or you'll get nowhere. You cant even use old heroes who were glass cannons because hopper got em covered if you plan on using revive teams. (Not saying beast teams are balanced though) Without a doubt you can say that before pvp heroes, (before kai) pvp metas didn't exist, everyone strategized their defense. It was quite diverse, and you had to change your raid team for every raid to strategize what your gonna do. Now its just go in, and win, or horribly loose. You used to have that exciting feeling when you did PvP, seeing if your plan will work or will it backfire, and then seeing if you can climb up even with a change of plans. Now its 1 important hero is dead, you might as well just stop trying at this point. PvP is literally the only reason people use runes or even play this game, because in the end your doing it for pvp. Not campaign, but PvP.

    equip a bait hero for shade to attack first, have you highest damage hero attack, have everyone's favorite rabbit on the roster, problem solved.
    Oh the profanity!
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    I’ve noticed that shade has been nerfed. I’ve seen several instances that whe shade posses someone, they die almost immediately without being hit. Also, Shade ca no longer possess Emily.
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