Out of Whack Level Ranges in PvP

On my level 60 account, I was attacked by a level 70. Aside from the issue that during the entire PvP Grand Tourney, I was consistently getting level 67, 68, and 69 opponents as choices, being an availble as a match to a level 70 is an old "fixed" issue that has apparently cropped up again.

The main, central problem with this out of whack level range is that is nigh IMPOSSIBLE to inflict a freeze or burn on anyone 7+ levels higher than you, which considering the current meta defenses, means nigh IMPOSSIBLE to win even with the creme de le creme runes and attack team compositions.


  • phoxterphoxter Member
    I’m level 73 and get raided non stop. I will change the defense several times a day to see how long it takes for the new defense to get attacked. Not very long. I changed it 6 times yesterday and three times this morning. Every defense gets attacked. It looks to be that my dungeon is constantly on the chopping block. Word of advice, don’t go pass level 70.
  • Hi Grog!
  • GroghillGroghill Member
    So now at level 61, I am seeing a slew of Level 70 defenses in PvP.

    @Joel - Is this intentional? And again, the dehibilitating issue is not "Rune Power" per se, but the sheer amount of debuff resistance a higher level team gets, and at 7+ levels higher, it is practically impossible to burn or other crowd control effects.
  • The level gap used to be restricted to four levels, so at 61 you wouldn't be seeing anyone higher than 65.

    However that was the good old days.
  • @Groghill of course it is intentional. If you don’t conform to their preferred style of play, which is to keep your roster power low thus making the tower much more difficult; then you get punished any and every way they can punish you.
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