Leaving forums for a week

Hey guys (and girls, I don't know the gender of everyone who comes here, honestly I don't know genders above the two, and are really hard to spell so I will leave them out.) I will be leaving forums for a weak, give everyone else a chance, feeling that I am clogging all the holes for creativity, also the fact that I spend a fifth of my time here additionally says things, I am going to take this week to see how the other half lives, people that don't game, don't use social media, I'm not becoming that one religion stereotype (idk what it's called, I get it confused between 2) I will miss you all, I am excited to see what you guys do as the new hero drops ever closer,

fair well for now, jibber jabber toothlessmon
All hail the Jabberwonky-JarJar,Jabber,Jibber
May the side of fun and nonsense reign supreme!!
Fun Is the most important aspect of games, don't underestimate future meta heroes...


  • StinkyStinky Member
    edited June 6
    feeling that I am clogging all the holes for creativity
    I'm going to miss you and your gift for metaphor. For real.
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