Super Hard Towers

Attn: developers can you explain how the game raises the max level to 80 and now the tower is unbeatable. I did level up and maxed 45 to the level 80 but still impossible. Please fix this issue the tower should not be impossible. If you want a harder tower make it a second option for extra gems. I need the daily tower gems to continue playing.


  • ObiWanCannoliObiWanCannoli Member
    edited June 2
    I had 9 levels of barbarians a coulpe days ago and couldn’t beat the tower for onlyvthe second tine ever. The first was my first ever run back in 2015. I had 7 barbarian levels today.

    The opponents are overpowered. I had Ember give a boost, Koros do his AOE...and nobody died. And they were something like 15 levels below me. That’s ridiculous.

    I’ve had opponents 8 levels below me one shot my whole team. My Zomm attacked Emily today and did 72 damage. Emily was 8 levels below me. I tried to kill Balog before Solaris resurrection. I had Balog at about 20% life. 4 heroes beating on Balog for two rounds couldn’t get him to zero life.

    There has to be a change. I have one of the top total hero powers in the game, and I’m struggling with it. It’s going to just frustrate the players.
  • AC_RoyaleAC_Royale Member
    @bvs72 easy for you to say........... ;)

  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    @ObiWanCannoli - didn’t you use be andrewthegreat.
  • RealMJtmRealMJtm Member
    Tower is a mess, I didn’t beat first floor because all Barbarian had healing Runes (10%), I made a little mistake and they killed my best Team to beat them.

    Maybe someone can tell me why it has to be max Deff Team each Towerfloor?
    That makes no sense and there’s no fun in challenging Tower.
  • ThaltoronThaltoron Member
    Goretusk, agnon, Emily and ferno team is unbeatable. My teams can't even scratch them and ferno's breath weapon kills most of my teams in one shot. The tower 'Emily' for some reason can use her raise dead ability every time someone on her team actually dies. How come my Emily can't do that (mine takes a few rounds to refresh). The runes on the tower teams are way to overpowered. For most players, only a few teams have fairly good runes. The tower is supposed to be a challenge, not a total mismatch.
  • ChrisChris Member
    Since the increase to lvl 80 the tower has been nothing but barbarians this needs to be fixed because it's pointless to even attempt the tower when all u face is the unbeatable team at that moment. First it was Solaris team, and now it's the barbarians. Might as well take out the tower if u wanna make it that hard without increasing rewards.
  • TJM07TJM07 Member
    Agree with everyone’s sentiments. I have never had a problem with the Tower, until recently with the way the opponents are stacked against. Plus certain opponents seem to refresh ALL their abilities each time you face them. The game has become way too greedy for me and to now lose the easy 275 gems per day is the last straw for me. Unless this is a glitch that gets repaired quickly, I think I’m done and moving on to spend my real $$$ elsewhere. Was good fun while it lasted, but enough of the greed!
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