Potential New Hero Leaks in the Jungle Dungeons

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Hello all! I love the new Jungle dungeon environment. It looks really cool! Too bad it currently lacks music.
Anyways, I've noticed some weird things around the dungeon that I think might just be hints at future heroes! Have a look:


First up is this... frog statue? I think it's a frog statue. It looks really neat! I don't know why anyone would make a statue entirely dedicated to a frog unless this (or these) frog(s) had some type of super-natural strength or powers! Maybe we'll see a frog as a new Reptile-family hero one day? I mean, I get that they're amphibians, but... close enough?


Next are these giant snapping turtle head statues! Or, at least, I think they're snapping turtles. Looks pretty similar to them. This again looks like a hint at another Reptile hero. Probably some sort of tank that uses it's powerful beak to perform armor piercing attacks, while taking minimal damage using it's hard shell? Only time will tell!


Onto the third example, these toucans! I'm not sure if they're supposed to be alive or not... They look pretty colorful and detailed for a statue, but they don't move, either. Either way, maybe we'll be seeing a new Flying Beast hero that's a Toucan! I would say that I hope if such a hero ever is made that they're a Healer, but we already have Solaris, which is enough. Maybe a Toucan hero could be more of a disruptor, using their beak and cawing to pester the enemy team and cause all sorts of status effects.


For the fourth example, we have this... giant head! I can't really tell what it is. It sort of looks like it could be some sort of tribal warrior wearing face paint, or maybe some type of mask. But it also looks kind of like a tiger, panther, or some other large cat. I would love a panther hero! They could be a Fast Beast Rogue with outstanding damage, but sort of flimsy bulk. Plus, a roar attack that Silences the target and deals splash damage!


This one is perhaps my favorite hint at a new hero! ...That is, if any of these are hints at new heroes at all... It's a shark! I'm not sure how a shark hero would work, given that our heroes are always on land... But maybe they could just go Pokemon Colosseum style and just have them float mid-air without having to actually be in water. Or, even cooler, they could be a shark-man! Either way, SHARKS!!

What do you think? Are these hints towards new heroes, or just decoration? I only think they might be hinting at something, because if you look at other statues scattered around the older levels, you'll notice all the statues are of currently existing heroes. For example, the giant Mangle Jaws spewing lava in the Volcano levels, or the Sir William statues in the Crypt levels.


  • A shark person would be awesome. Or maybe it could just be a magicarp and flop on the ground all game...
  • Shoot someone's already predicted it, now I can't take all the credit... Btw most of those statues I think are an aztecian reference, idk if all of them are, just some, the snap turtle heads are actually dragon heads, I think it would be interesting to see them though even if they are turtles like you said, the first one I think is a mini Leo skin hero, or a close relative, and sadly the final one is an eel not a shark... But again it would be cool to see it as a hero, even if it was a shark, and I think there will be some kind of mummy hero this expansion.
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  • apple wrote: »

    Candygram my foot! You’re that land shark!
  • DwogDwog Member
    I think the statues are just part of the decor and we are ment to take them at phase value
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