Borders around buff, debuff and whatever the heck other effects are in play

There can be a lot of icons above a character's head right now, and at a glance it can be hard to tell what's a debuff, what's a buff, what's purgeable and what's cleansable.

World of Warcraft had a similar problem, because it had (has?) a whole load of different types of debuff. There were poison, disease, magic and curse-type debuffs. Certain classes could remove certain categories, so paladins could remove magic and poison debuffs, while priests could remove magic and disease debuffs; if an encounter had any curses involved, though, you'd require a shaman or druid to get rid of them.

What WoW did was to give the icons for the various afflictions a thick border with a specific colour indicating the type of debuff. So say a hero was given curses called Withering Touch and Hex of Weakness, a healer could see that the debuffs had a purple icon and scream for a druid/shaman to decurse.

I think DB could implement something along the same lines to clarify matters, both in the small icons in battle, and the black box o' buffs that comes up when you hold down on a character.

Icons with a white border: these are completely unremovable status effects. For example, Hansuke's +attack buff when an ally dies, or Ferno's -attack debuff.

Icons with a red border: these are enemy buffs that can be purged (if viewing an enemy) or debuffs that can be cleansed (if on a friendly hero).

I don't know how much effort it would be, programming-wise, but it might be helpful.


  • I don't see this as a problem but all that extra work to redesign all the icons would just make it more confusing with colored borders. There's 8 heroes in combat in PvP. Just gotta know who can do what.
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    They wouldn't need a redesign, just thicker borders.
  • I think it would be easier to just get some voice actors and have the heroes scream "I'M ON FIIIIRE!!"
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    No voices please. >.<

    There could be green is buff and red is debuff. Or it could be green is good for you (buff on ally, debuff on enemy etc) but that might be confusing. They could have a little white/yellow dot in the bottom right corner to say rather it can or can't be purged.
  • No voices please. >.<

    It was a joke lol but it would be hilarious. When I played Diablo II I used to be a part of the modding community and I changed character death sounds so when you PvP and kill someone they let out a hilarious scream taken from various movies/youtube vids. Certainly made it enjoyable and almost died laughing. Can't say which youtube star I used for screaming but I'll just say a lot of swearing was involved lol
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    I've been playing Darkest Dungeon and the Ancestor quotes really add to the game, although maybe it wouldn't fit DB. :p

    Here's one DD player-death quote that applies to these forums, too.

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