Cryptosis, the cursed pharaoh


(Picture made by atKorosLit)


Once a king of Egypt, probably the cockiest of them all,(name unknown because of near impossible to translate hieroglyphs and lazy writing) was praising his gods with his pet Sphinx, laying the sacrifices when all the sudden he heard a knocking at the pyramid entry, he went to it and saw a Wierd wizard, his eyes purple and a staff with a hand and an eye in the middle, behind him a necromancer, an army of the undead, and some tall robed old man which also seemed to be a necromancer, they wanted him to give his people to them so they could further build their army of darkness, he refused... Then furiously they threatened him, he called his grand plague inflicter kobold, kobold then grabbed his staff and aimed it at the group, they then noticed something starting to come out of the staff, scarabs and lots of them, the weary group of travelers fled in terror and never bothered them again... Until the Kings 19th birthday, they casted a curse upon his kingdom, his kingdom began to sink all hope was lost, then the majority of the people died from lack of oxygen, the king of course dead as a horse, kobold was then taken to slavery, they didn't know of the Pharaohs pet Sphinx which kobold freed so he could grow stronger with a group of heroes he could find...

A few mellinia later kobold found the corpse in the crypt of lich King through a secret passage, but the king was alive, not looking to well though for he was afflicted with necromancy similar to zoms except he was stuck between spirit and bone, so he needed help, through the power of his curse he will punish his opponents.

Most hated hero: pontifex

He is a light, undeaed, legendary, spirit, caster

Runes: 2 light, 2 dark, and one life

0 ascensions


Boosted damage to tanks and slow enemies


5% increased chance for his attacks to be dodged, whenever someone dodges they gain 1 energy.

Humbler of the weak

Enemies with less health or defense deal 25% less damage to light heroes, light allies with less health or defense then a hero on the team are set to that number.

( meaning if the highest defense on the team was 5k then all light heroes would have 5k, if someone had 16k health then all light heroes would be set to 16k health .)

Sun-Bound scourge

Immune to disease, silence, wound, and lifesteals 15% of all damage. Whenever a light hero is revived they gain this and the undead tag.


Goes first

1 Ascension
Requirements: 2 astral evos, 4 are an evos, 25 light evos and 33 dark evos

Unlucky II

His attacks have a 10% increased chance to be dodged, whenever someone dodges a light hero gains 1 energy.

You Dare Shush Me???

If anyone would ever attempt to silence this hero, purge them, then silence them instead.

Living swarm

Whenever a corpse is burned gain 15% increased attack for this room, and attack a random enemy

Half way there

Takes 25% increased damage and has 10% increased lifesteal at 50% health

2 Ascensions
Requirements:2 shadow, 4 crypt, 30light monarchs, and 25 dark monarchs

Witnesser of Death

Whenever a corpse is burned their effects stay (Solaris effects stay, passives like crit increase stay) this hero's corpse can not be burned, if Leo is on the team his corpse may not be burned either. (also meaning they are immune to possession)

Unlucky III

His attacks have a 30% increased chance to be dodged, every time someone dodges light allies gain 1 energy

Half way there II

At 50% health he takes 10% increased damage, and has 30% increased lifesteal


Orb of misfortune I

Attack a random enemy, if this attack is dodged cast this again with 15% increased damage

Orb of misfortune II

Attack a random person (yours included, can't attack self), if this is dodged gain 30% increased attack for this room and cast this again.

Orb of misfortune III

Attack a random enemy, if this is dodged gain a 25% increase to attack for this room, increase the amount of orbs fired by 1 for this room every 4 misses (incase this leaves anyone in confusion, if one orb hits and one doesn't then it will only shoot orbs equals to the amount missed, and for each one dodged it will increase the attack of the hero for that room, kinda like growth. Also the amount of dodges per shot isn't required to be 4, if it hits twice then it will only have to dodge 2 within the next X attacks.)

Wrath of the plague

Deal Dark damage to all enemies, if any die cast this again, this deals double damage to enemies that aren't debuffed, and isn't affected by armor. 5 energy

Spirit barrage

Attack target, (dealing splash damage each time) for each corpse, and for each corpse burned this battle.

Ancient ritual

Burn target corpse, gaining 100% (starts with 50% increasing by .5% per level) increased attack, and healing self to full health, if the target was a light corpse reset this abilities cooldown, if it was a light ally create a soul copy with 50% stats (starts with 10% increasing by .5% per level) in addition to previous stated effects. 5 energy

Other changes


Gain embrace fever (increasing attack, healing, and skill instead of the negative effects it would usually grant, this also affects leaching parasites, making them heal you, and kobal equal to the amount healed, increasing his max hp by the amount healed, and skill affects heal to allies,heal to self ,and max hp increase)

His pandemic swarm will affect all allies as well, and applies leaching parasites (Dealing damage every turn, healing kobal equal to damage dealt and increasing max hp equal to the amount healed, and skill affects damage,heal to self,and max hp increase for self) and always applies disease

All his abilities would start powered, lowered to 4 energy cost,

His Control Contagin would become a passive that doubles damage enemies takes while diseased and halve damage allies take while they are diseased

His control Contagin is replaced with Evolutionary plagues

It would make all debuffs stack (so it would be possible to to apply 7 burns, or 3 turns of freeze, or 2 poisons, the way disease would work is that it would further reduce damage dealt and healing) and then grow them by 1 stack

He would also have tenacity which would have. a 30% chance to cast arcane bolts,

changes to arcane bolt: If anyone on the team is a caster they will cast it as well.

Dark deception

If this hero would die prevent it, heal to full health, then gain allies 2 energy, if any of them are dark gain them haste too (This will only proc once per dungeon)

Plague spreader becomes Piercing Plagues

Debuffs avoid immunities,if any debuff would be removed or expire they will take damage equal to this heroes skill

His Epic now applies a random debuff each hit, Stat priorities of epics switch as well (30% skill 20% health, and 20% defense)

Your loss is my gain now gains one energy for each ally whenever an enemy dies

Leonidas Changes:

At 0 ascensions he gains Pharaohs pet I which gives him a 30% chance to defend Cryptosis no matter what (even if he's on the enemy team)

at 1 ascension he gains Pharaohs pet II giving him a 40% chance to take a hit for cryptos and retaliate the attack for 30% of the damage dealt

at 2 ascensions he gains Pharaohs pet III Giving him a 55% chance to take a hit for Cryptos and retaliate for 100% of the damage

2nd Ascension he gains Eternal Bond

If secret to etenral life revives Cryptosis revive him with haste, and a 10% permanent increase in max Health.

His Taunt is replaced with Divine guidance

(Gains dodge for all allies, Taunts, boosts max attack and defense for all light allies, then allies gain 1 energy with a chance to gain 2 energy equal to critical strike

Secret to eternal life normally revives 2 people, but if Solaris is on the team they both are revived taunting, and aegis

Divine insperation is replaced with Radiant purge

Purge the enemy team removing all buffs dealing heavy light damage, and revive all light heroes on the team, if he has snow day all light heroes gain haste. 7 energy

Sun Worship Now applies Sunburn

increases damage target takes by 50%, and when the target takes damage all light types will have a chance to attack the target when the afflicted target takes damage


A heart is good for the soul

Increase teams skill by 10% of zen's health.


Lay on hands also grants 3 energy to the target and haste

Smite deals double damage to someone who has killed this game instead of demons.

Holy shroud is replaced with divine Justice

Takes less damage equal to dodge chance, whenever this hero deals damage heal light heroes 25% of damage dealt

Aegis wall is replaced with Illuminate!

Heals all allies gaining immune until next turn, after the immune expires or is removed by purge it will shatter explode dealing 10% of the negated damage, additionally applying dazed to all enemies damaged by this effect. 6 energy

Black diamond

Light crusade causes allies to attack whenever they kill

Assassinate instead automatically kills target, then gains 30% increased dodge until next turn.

Assassins wrath is instead Blade dance

increase the damage of her next 3 attacks by 100% and gaining up to 40% dodge (.5% each level), (this is an idea for a different version of blade dance) 4 energy

Blade dance model B.

Gain up to 40% dodge, then channel for 1 turn, after the channeling is over cast blade storm 3 times

5 energy

Blade storm now has a 4 turn cooldown and does increased damage to enemies with dots (burning,poison,wound)

Masuta Kira

He now has wushu aura, making all heroes on the team immune to critical strikes,

Dim mak is replaced with blade stance:

Whenever he dodges an attack, shoot 3 daggers at the target dealing X damage for 3 turns, each having a chance to apply wounded. 4 energy

Vibrating palm also applies nerve damage and silences the damaged enemy, it starts powered

Death blossom now does 2 casts again, it also has a chance to apply wounded, and deals increased damage to enemies already wounded.
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