Working on Prince of Elves

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  • looks pretty good so far
  • I think he would have two swords and cry in the bfa trailer... Oh wait

    (Still think he should have two swords, he would start battles with haste, and he would have an attack that would strike his enemy' with both, his signature would be an attack where he would charge at the enemy, dealing heavy damage, applying dazed, if he uses this while he has haste it will then cause allied Elves to attack all enemies with a barrage of arrows instead, if other elves have haste they shoot everyone twice. Just an idea, no need to use it.
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  • How long did it take to make that? Looks impressive...
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  • Mert92Mert92 Member
    Not so long, im very busy with work these days so i havent had a lot of time to work on my characters
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