Enemy Team in Tower completely reset on room failure.

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I am currently battling a team in the tower that has regenerated all attacks and health on room fail as if I had not fought any of them.

No, i have not quit the room to induce this behavior, this is from team wipe.

enemy team:
all level 71.

upon every entry of the room, Agnon is in stone form, Ferno hits me with wild fire, Goretusk has all attacks ready, Emily has aegis shield and heals everyone.

Also this team has insane stats, i have not managed to kill one character before my team wiped.

Barbarian team, Dark team, Beast team, Serpent team, all dead. plus rounds of throwaway teams testing and verifying that the enemy team is completely reset on entry.

All bosses I've used are level 70, greater/superior legendary runed.

this is broken.

edit: floor 9.
also yesterday, i fought a barbarian team, killed drak, lost to balog, re-entered drak was alive again.
Oh the profanity!


  • I’ve run into this too. It’s ****
  • spiffymcbangspiffymcbang Member
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    It's not just barbs, shade did it to me last night. He possessed a dead drak, killed my team, then I brought a new team in and he possessed drak again on first turn with new team. I am thinking that is broken. Tower appears hard enough without glitches, please fix that.
  • OP had my room 11 that I had today 😟
  • Similar - Shade/Emily/AG/Ferno - stonewalled, shade would link first turn and possess next - wipe my team in two rounds. Re-enter with next team Shade would link first round again... happened three times in a row.

    Frustrating when the mechanics are unfavorably imbalanced.
    Don’t you wish it was easier, wish you were better.
  • The tower is no longer fun. Just like PVP.

    I just don’t have the kind of time that the developers think I have to devote to this game.
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