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*this is aimed at players just starting the boss islands and struggling to complete them*

There are many different PVE teams that work in dDB at the moment. Below is a list of the viable PVE teams you can use. if you have an additions to the list or any other PVE teams that have worked for you please comment! :)

Undead Team - Zomm, Bromm, Han, Yorick + Overlord
Beast Team - Solaris, Grog, Leonidis, Pignius + Julius, Jabber, Lupina, Gore, Torchy, Bovus,
Goblin Team - Bramble, Nub, Zurk, Squinch + Kozar
Monster Team - IGOROK, Phenol, Marrow, Mangle + Koros, Phemus, Hopper
? Demon Team - Malice, Tsume, Icepick, Ella + Nitpick
Lily Nature Team - Lily, Rocky + Nature Heroes
Ice Shatter Team - Icebloom, IGOROK, Grog + 1
Dwarf Team - Valkin, Dagrund, Therand, Hagrim + Rogar
Shock Team - Alex, Ekko, Emily, Zen + ?Dheagon
Daeris Energy Team - ????
Reptile Team - Krexx, Kreel, Viperia, Cobressa
Bauble Mountain Team - Kobal, Dagrund, Pignius + 1

Does anyone know if Emily,Ferno, Agnon, Goretusk works in PVE


  • Skip_HolmesSkip_Holmes Member
    edited June 2018
    Your babel mountain team (Kobal, dagrund) is probably the easiest way to clear all five boss island dungeons if you’re truely just starting. It requires one set of good pure attack runes and that’s it. If you get save up the gems or honor points to put Kobal in full legendary attack runes, you can manually run any of them.

    Once you get a more developed roster, beasts or goblins would be the most time effective on auto mode.
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