Tank Rune's Fourth Stat Not Working?

So I just got the tank rune purchased from the shop for 50.000 tickets (during the Tanking Time event), but the fourth stat - "Starts with taunt and +Def buff" - doesn't work. I use it on Agnon and he doesn't start with any taunt or any Def buff, but maybe it only works on Tanks?


  • He can’t receive that Taunt if he’s in Graniteform, which makes him buff & debuff immune.
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  • He's got it ^. You can put the rune on whoever you like though (just not agnon).
    There was once a savage goblin by the name of Squinch
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  • Yup, we discussed this elsewhere, and even tested the theory.

    Test: Use just Marrow and Agnon in a dungeon, and if Agnon's health is higher than Marrow's (it should be) then he ought to start with Taunt. Actually he does, but then immediately loses it when he turns to graniteform.

    If you want a hero who can taunt and yet take negligible damage until their move, you could try Selwyn. Beware attacking Shades in PvP linking to him on their first move, however, so maybe best used only in PvE and on PvP Offense.

  • Haha.. Alright. Thanks guys. Of course Agnon is the only one who the fourth stat doesn't work on xD
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