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Lately I have been having particular trouble with Emily teams in the tower. They come in different flavors but one common lineup is Emily+Goretusk+Agnon+Ferno (Ferno is sometimes replaced by someone else like Zomm, Hopper, or Shade).

GT keeps me away from everyone else, Emily revives anyone that I kill before her, Agnon and Ferno (or someone else) rip me to shreds.

Making things harder, these teams frequently come in at floor 10 or 11 meaning that my roster is not in the best shape by the time I have to face this challenge.

Does anyone have suggestions on how to beat this team? I used to have good results with Koros but lately he has been ineffective. Emily seems to take ridiculously low damage since her recent rework. I will throw some serious attacks and she will have damage of zero or maybe a couple hundred.

Any/all help would be much appreciated. Thanks :)


  • When this team is properly runed, it is a nightmare floor in the tower.

    Start with a bait team that gets rid of Agnon’s Plummeting Doom, but doesn’t survive the round. Then bring your well-runed A-Team. My team of choice is Lily, Solaris, Agnon, Ferno. Get rid of Emily ASAP. She is usually pretty tanky and will revive everyone else in time. This is a job for Agnon. Once she’s gone the rest of the team is manageable. Take out defensive agnon next as he will murder everyone.

    If your team dies and Emily is still alive, but you managed to kill some of her buddies, make sure to bring hopper next round.
  • @MonkeyHunter - Thanks for the tips. A question though. How do you use Agnon to get rid of Emily ASAP when GT is using taunt to keep you away from her? Killing GT does not help because she just revives him and the taunt is back. This is the chicken-and-egg nightmare that I found myself in tonight.

    Also, how do things change if Lilly is in there instead of Ferno? When combined with distracting GT and healing Emily, that plant is a real pain.

    Any additional guidance (from @MonkeyHunter or anyone else) is much appreciated. Thanks :)
  • I use this team for all Emily/Agnon combos. When defense has Lily, Pollen Cloud’s evasion can be demoralizing. You need to be tanky, strategic and lucky. Well timed Solaris rezes help a lot. Still, try dropping Emily every chance you get.

    You want Emily to use her Rez on GT. That will buy you a little time if you knock out their Agnon.

    MK might be a good option too if you want to get rid of those pesky buffs right off the bat. I don’t use him though.

    By ASAP I mean she is the top priority. Sometimes it takes a couple of rounds to get an opportunity.
  • @MonkeyHunter - Understood and thanks :)
  • JazthiJazthi Member
    Shade, GT, Agnon and Zomm. Shade soullinks enemy GT, own GT freezes Ferno, this should remove Aegis from Emily. Your Agnon Kills Emily, enemy Agnon kills enemy GT (soullink).
  • morillimorilli Member
    edited June 19
    MK seems like a really good idea because his first attack purges all active buffs. @MonkeyHunter Any clues on how to rune him properly? I assume all out attack?
  • @Jazthi - thanks for the suggestion. One challenge that I see here is making sure that Shade survives the previous floors and is ready to use spirit link as soon as he enters that floor. I found that the tougher tower has made it difficult to build up energy for later floor attacks. When I am on floor x I tend to need everything I got to ensure victory.

    Something to work on :)
  • My team of choice is Lily, Solaris, Agnon, Ferno.

    @MonkeyHunter - I forgot to ask. Is this the order you put your heroes? For some reason, I always tend to put Solaris last on a team and Ferno before Agnon when they are together. Figured it was worth checking in case it makes a difference.

    Thanks :)
  • I like to use Lily first so she can get off her Sapping Vines before she dies. Then Solaris to remove Emily’s shield (vines are bugged as a light attack and don’t damage Emily). Might be better to use Ferno next to completely remove Gt’s Taunt with basic attack so Agnon can drop Emily.
  • (chess sounds easier.)
  • Goretusk first ability: Sweeping Charge on Goretusk, almost 100% chance to remove his Taunt (in many many battles Failed only once or twice ;) )
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