Rune Crafting needs to be updated

It's been a while since rune crafting has been introduced, and we are in dire need of new 4th stats. We are missing

DP to Construct
DR to Construct
DP to Dragons
DR to Dragons
DP to Barbarian
DR to Barbarian
DP to Assassin
DR to Assassin
DP to Honorbound
DR to Honorbound

Those 4th stats have no reason not to be in rune crafting, but the next few probably have no place in crafting but I'll mention them anyways.

Freezing skin
Disease skin (is this even a rune)
% chance to add a basic attack
% chance to steal a buff
Heals x % at the end of each round

Level - 79
Favorite Hero - Astrid


  • I think those final stats like heals % or freezing skin are meant to be exclusive/special. it would be annoying if anyone can craft these and it would take away from their use because every hero in your roster could have op runes instead of everyone awarded 1 rune here and there so they have to decide wisely who to put it on and how to make that hero more interesting. I like that these runes and others like caster/tank are not craftable. You also have all the top classes right now listed besides beasts and there is only one dragon so I would say that's a special stat as well. I do have an idea for another special rune though, 10% chance to silence on basic attack.
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