Patch Notes: June 27th, 2018

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  • Fixed Balog's Mute passive to inflict silence for the proper amount of time. It had been expiring at the end of the round it was inflicted.
  • Fixed the Realm of the Half-Seen event dungeon's stamina cost. It was always supposed to be 10, and our past calendar events have had the third dungeon cost 10 stamina. Those of you who ran it already got a bit of an early-bird discount.
    [*[ Added specific defense and dodge improvement numbers to the description of Lily's Pollen Cloud ability.
  • Added specific damage reflection numbers to the description of Lily's One With Nature ability.
  • Added specific defense improvement numbers to the description of Samurai Takumi's Guarding Strike.
  • Added specific attack and defense reduction numbers to the decription of Deadeye's Solar Shot ability.
  • Fixed the description of Ella's Kiss of Death to say "Dazing" instead of "Stunning" and now calls out how much it impacts the target's chance to hit.
  • Cleaned up phrasing of Furnace's "Fired Up" passive from his Stoke the Boiler ability.
  • Fixed the description of Kai's Call of the Deep ability to say its effects last for 2 turns, which it always has.
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  • I wasn’t aware that Solaris had a solar shot ability... ;)
  • I’m looking forward to the new light hero Solaris. 😏
  • wagdoggwagdogg Member
    I wouldn’t joke about us getting a discount. 3 stamina a run discount when how much stamina and gems have we lost due to the tower? Pathetic time to joke about a discount when the game is trash right now and your rewards suck. Time for me to go back to grinding so my guild can get another electric skin rune 🙄
  • bvs72bvs72 Member
    Don’t complain! I got a half-seen discount.
  • Get to work Dog. I still have four heroes without electric skin.
  • wagdoggwagdogg Member
    For gods sake don’t tell them you still have 4 hero’s without electric skin runes lmao now that will also be the gg award rune 😂
  • sirolk99sirolk99 Member
    Awesome, keep up the good work DB. B)
  • JackHallow666JackHallow666 Member, Dungeon Boss Guru, Volunteer Moderator
    Can we please make it so Lilly’s vines don’t count as Disease? It’s hard enough to deal with the percent-health-damage, and the fact Lilly is usually paired with bulky teammates like Goretusk and Drakk...

    Just having it do unavoidable percent damage each turn is honestly strong enough. And I don’t think you’d even see a significant drop in who’s using her. Her first ability’s damage is still incredibly useful for offense.
  • Also the shop additions are GREAT!
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  • SkulsSkuls Member
    Samurai Takumi Sir William's Guardian Strike
  • danacdanac Member
    bvs72 wrote: »
    Don’t complain! I got a half-seen discount.

    i saw that.
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