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First of all I must say that I’m sorry about my terrible English. I stop playing game 1,5 year ago and I started game last month. Yes I can see new heroes new chapters but if u have full roster of heroes I m wastlng my time searching to what I’m going to pick. This is terrible this is boring . Pls fasten to hero locations on hero selection screen so i can memorize them or categorize heroes for their types or give them an alphabetic order or let me chose to set or pick prapered teams. Dear Joel pls improve the gameplay


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    I am a fellow player.

    I absolutely understand your frustration - I have it too, we all have it.

    But also I have developed software for years and have been in situations where a change that seems easy and obvious to us would be very hard, or take a long time, or require major work. This depends on the history of the development and what tools are used.

    You would be surprised what kinds of things can be made very hard behind the scenes either by limitations on technology or by early business/development decisions.

    The way I dealt with this in the past was a combination of small changes in the right direction combined with a careful explanation and expression of empathy to the user base.

    I have always been a believer that in the long run, the user experience and user community have to be the top priority, and that excellent communication and occasional financial investment must be made even if it temporarily reduces the profit margin by a few %.

    Developing for the mobile platform can be complex, and I'm sure there are many more wrinkles having to integrate a (Unity?) game with Big Fish's DRM and account management software. On top of that, Big Fish is owned by Aristocrat Games, and I would be very surprised if the people who call the shots at the top would even know about dungeon boss at all, let alone a "hero selection screen".

    I also would not be surprised if development resources are spread among many games, and Dungeon Boss has been relegated to "mature" and thereby staff minimized to maximize profit while attention/investment is to "the newest" to-be announced games to get more $$$ faster.

    This may have nothing to do with the DB devs or community leaders - they have to answer to management and they may not like it any more than we do.

    Big Fish is owned by Aristocrat Games -

    From wikipedia:

    "Aristocrat is the largest gambling machine manufacturer in Australia, and one of the largest manufacturers of slot machines in the world, currently second only to International Game Technology."

    I'm quite sure their focus is on making sure the house gets the necessary financial % and everything else is secondary.

    I would not be surprised if a hero selection screen rework came with pay options. (I won't describe them further, I don't want to give them ideas.)
  • Or how about in hero selection, you be able to hold-click and have name, runes, etc hover..like you can do in other parts of game like when looking at defenders dungeons, etc
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