Gold Dungeons rewards vs rune upgrade fees

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I got a few runes from the Deadeye event, and i just really noticed how hard it is to get the gold needed to upgrade and move them runes around. I ran all of the available gold dungeons (i am level 70) and i barely could upgrade one of the superior runes to level 20. It took me 2 to 3 days to get enough gold to fully upgrade one rune and move them around my champions.

Isnt this a bit too much? Shouldnt the rewards in the gold dungeons be bumped up a bit or at least the gold needed to upgrade the runes lowered?

It takes 10 wins in pvp to get enough gold to upgrade a superior rune once. I think this is a tad too extreme... no? I won the tower of pwnage, got a Legend I reward and ran all gold dungeons and i still couldnt upgrade one superior rune fully... i dont know... it seems pretty off


  • Takes a couple days saving gold to upgrade a rune if you are tapped out. Buy the 250k x2 gold in honor shop, all gold islands, pvp and tower daily. Eventually your gold builds up til you don't know what to do with it...
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    I had like 20 or 30mil saved up and upgrading one Elite and one superior rune to full and moving it around almost depleted my gold... i know this is a game that uses time as a currency, im just gauging if the time investment vs the payout when it comes to gold is considered fine. In my view it is a bit too extreme.

    It takes 10 days to get enough gems to make and upgrade to max a superior rune. Add the 2 or 3 days to upgrade and move it around, thats half a month for one rune.

    Thats quite a lot
  • I wish they would it or remove cost entirely buy with as long as the game has worked that way I don't see that happening. Would be nice if there was a different sysyem in place that lets you assign runes every dungeon to rach hero ypu select and save rune setups. There's way too much customization and experimening to have rune removing cost so much.
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