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I am a newbie, lvl 48 and keep getting smashed in PvP. Any suggestions on who I should use (I don't have Zomm)....Is having a group of barbarians, or one from a different faction better? Thanks for any assistance!


  • It all depends on who you are facing, or who is attacking you. There is no perfect defence.
  • StinkyStinky Member
    Who are your best characters? Do you have any of the following: Agnon, Goretusk, Grog-Gnog, Ferno, Drakk, Solaris, Shade?

    Out of the basic characters, Emily is the only one 100% worth investing in. (Shadowblade might be really good now, but I don't have, nor have come across, a good assassin team, so I can't say either way.)
  • hatredhatred Member
    If you have the barbarians they are pretty good
  • To build on to what Stinky was saying, I would definitely suggest starring up and ascending Shadowblade and Black Diamond. Mine are both fully ascended and six starred and they do tons of damage when they crit, which is 50/50. The only problem with assassins is that they usually can't take on beast teams and some barbarian teams.
    There was once a savage goblin by the name of Squinch
    When he delves into dungeons he makes his enemies flinch
    Shredding wolfs, beasts, and sumo's alike
    It would be foolish to call this hero a little tyke
  • I'm no expert, but +1 to Black Diamond, especially since her epic just came out. Shadowblade is really good too.
    I've been running BD with crit runes, Zen, Aria..I wanted MK, but used Leonidis to protect against dark attackers coming in when they saw the light team.

    Only problem so far is attackers with reanimation skills... let's face it... They have a distinct advantage attacking and making on-the-fly choices as their characters come back to life than the computer does trying to defend. It's not person to person pvp, so just pick a strategy and go with it.

    An interesting defense dungeon had Solaris and Hansuki...went on forever with them constantly reanimating, and I can see if you don't attack that with good toons, you could get wiped.

    Enjoy and take in all the info you can from the experienced and good players here...most have been very helpful to me.
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