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I've wondered about this for awhile, but the recent level cap raise, what I have been suspecting is far more obvious. I was wondering how much the total roster power of a player factors into PVP Opponent Pairing? I have two Level 70 accounts and I can see a significant difference in the suggested PVP opponents between the two.

My main account has every hero at level/ability 70, fully ascended and about 14 Maxed out Epic Characters for a Roster Power of 448K. My opponents are HARD. Having just completed the Grand Tourney, I would say that about 95% of my opponents (Low, middle and high end) have Meta Teams @ 5500+ Rune Power and are generally level 72+. It's fine I guess. It's doable. I brought home the Trophy Lord title, so don't think that completely whining - but it's strange when I compare my experience on that account to the other level 70 account.

My second account is at Level 70, with a handful of characters at the same and fully ascended. Only heroes I commonly use are fully ascended and have maxed epics. The Roster Power is is 250K. My opponents are generally pretty easy and battles go quickly. There is generally MUCH more variation in the low/middle/high choices in PVP.

I also have a third account, which is around level 56 that has ONLY focused on a Dark and Barbarian Team. Everyone else is bare level 1, no ascension and just wasting away. This account's Roster power is dirt. This account is almost unstoppable. I've gone 100%/100% for 3 seasons straight now. It's just ridiculous. I'm paired up against garbage teams every time.

It seems pretty obvious that Total Roster Power must play a significant role in matching you up against opponents, but I'm not sure this is very fair for players who have put forth immense effort in building up their entire team. From looking at these three accounts, the current algorithm greatly favors players who have cherry picked a few heroes and have ignored all others. I guess I don't fully understand the rationale behind a player's roster power factoring in. As a generalization, players with high roster power generally have more experience, better runes available and high level epic characters. If two players of the same level are paired up to battle and one has a roster power which is significantly higher/lower, then boo-hoo. Players who have worked extremely hard on their team should reap the reward. It almost seems that a lot of effort has gone into place to protect players who are not strong from players of the same level range who are... which kind of defeats the idea of competition in my mind and certainly doesn't make maxxing out your roster of characters very profitable in terms of PVP.

Is there any official word on how PVP matching is determine and what the justification is for the current method in place?

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    I just finished doing 45 raids with my second account and it's just night and day. I didn't encounter any teams near as difficult as the ones my primary account faces. Doesn't make sense. It makes me upset that I set a goal for myself to fully ascend, level and max out the epics on all my characters. If I knew then what I know now, I would only work on ascending the heroes which I used for PVP and PVE.
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  • It should rely entirely on a players top four heroes power. Obviously a good roster would only matter in something like the tower where you use more than 4 heroes at once.
  • Thanks for sharing Bryan.

    It's been long discussed that this "match making" BS is based on total roster power, I can't express enough on how nonsensical this has always been.

    Way (way way way) more than half the heroes are PvP irrelevant, yet they do their calculations for match making to include them? Madness.

    What's more aggravating is that DB offers no reasoning for this (well, maybe.. haven't looked in a while)
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    People who win should fight other winners people who lose should fight other losers. Boss 100 should fight boss 100 list all day. How can a player who sucks make boss 100...easy don't fight other 100s. This game is ez with a curve ball thrown every once In awhile followed by a bandwagon sale button. Their system encourages u to spend money on specific team and in couple weeks it focus goes to a diff team it is called a chase. No one would pay to chase L's

    Ps sorry I said "No one" but there r some who pay for L's
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