Is a Level 65 Facing Level 73s in PvP a Bug or Intended?

I have been posting about this issue for awhile now, and still not a snippet of response. All focus and responses have been about how "hard the 80s have it". Well, I must admit I am getting very frustrated with these dramatic level differences in PvP matchups ever since I had to deal with Level 70s at level 61 (yes, nine levels higher!)... which continued to be a nine level difference at lvl 62 and 63. And now, after pushing hard in hopes there was some sort of level difference cap sooner or later (and because I never could get any kind of response about it), at level 65, I get to see level 73s in my line up.

You took away/are taking way level 65s ability to get into the top 100, yet you shove at least a 8 level difference (which even level 72s don't have to face) with all its inherent debuff resistance advantages and access to epic runes in a level 65's path.


  • You are absolutely correct, I’m level 68 and I see 75 and 76 teams smash my dungeon every day and have nothing to do about it. I wish there was a way to create a 2 or even 3 level discrepancy between pvp players.
  • Short_FuseShort_Fuse Member
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    I think this is the primary reason why we keep seeing high level teams in the tower of pwnage as well. Its poor planning on their part to be honest, considering it affects the chance of debuffs or dispels applied on the enemy as well as damage taken/done. One overlevelled agnon just completely obliterates my defense/offense. Its just not fun to face a team 3 or more levels above you and get your bottoms handed to you with no possible win scenario available.
  • danacdanac Member
    at 72, my range of options runs from 71-78.

    90% are 73 or higher.

    Seems to me if I'm getting +6 level options, then I should get easy options -6 levels, especially wen there's a win PVP with 3 heroes and Deadweight.

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