Death Animations

Could we fix the death animations so when you whack a bad guy he doesn't get back up only to fall on face to actually die. I am noticing this quite a bit with Malice. She, I still think she was originally male at one point, clobbers some baddie who falls on his back, gets back up, takes stock of him/herself, goes "Oh Crap! I am dead!" and then falls on his face. A bit melodramatic if you ask me. Just let the poor slob be dead.


  • BarleymanBarleyman Member
    Do you like Hopper's death animation?
  • morillimorilli Member
    Can't say I remember what it looks like.
  • danacdanac Member
    That annoys me too.

    I make a point not to have her use that special, esp on auto, I'll click back to manual if she might use it.

  • Also they have to fix instant resses/deaths in the same turn on 2x mode. Some heroes (esp Agnon) who die from an AOE then the AOE kills Leo and brings them back show a dead person with a health bar who will attack. Some times a hero is ressed and instantly dies because a revenge shows they are alive but are untargetable. still other times Agnon randomly gets rid of his health bar and you can't see it until he dies...
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