Boss Mode 18-3 (Jungle Stroll Boss)

This one is all-water team versus nature and light enemies. Has anyone figured out a good strategy? The enemies are freeze-resistant on top of the elemental disadvantage.


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    Just did it with Yasmin, Yorick, Grog-Gnog and Yokozuna (in that order). Only Grog had full superior runes, the rest a mixture of anything I had spare, not all legendary greaters by any means.

    The biggest pains in this level are the multiple Yokozuna clones, as they keep healing themselves as fast as you can pump in damage.

    Yasmin first to give her maximum chances of healing and pulling an epic heal/cleanse.

    Yorick can add a multiply damage debuff, reduce healing, and cleanse buffs. This was key to knocking out those self-healing Yoks.

    Grog is probably my biggest water-hero damage dealer, especially when his epic kicks in.

    Yokozuna makes an excellent tank, self-healing and buffing his own energy so his taunt is almost always active. Not much of a damage doer, that's for Grog and Yorick to handle.

    All my heroes were level 74 except Yorick whom I neglected to improve and was still level 70. With his self-healing, Yoko's self-healing and all Yasmin's heals/cleanses nobody came close to dying. I didn't even need to call a friend or use a potion.

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  • That did it, thanks!
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