Dwarven Resolve

Mati01Mati01 Member
edited July 11 in Bugs & Technical Issues
So this ability should increase damage against high dodge targets. Except that it doesn't. Or at least there is no pop up about it.

For example Shadowblade with his assasin trait has way more than 20% dodge chance. With 30% being the max characters can get outside of battle. No reaction from Dwarven Resolve.

He also uses his first skill which gives around 70% extra dodge. Meaning an unruned defensive Shadowblade has almost a 100% dodge chance. The max cap, as there is no meaning in raising it over 100%.

Still no damage boost from Dwarven Resolve. So if the obtainable max amount of dodge is not enough to hit this skills minimum treshold why is it even there?


  • danacdanac Member
    dwarven resolve doesn't help much when the assassins kill all the dwarves.

    you'd think dwarves would be kinda tanky.
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