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  • WasiWasi Member
    $4.99 USD is currently $6.74 AUD on yet this pack is $7.99 AUD. Appreciate there has to be some static buffer due to market fluctuating but approx 18% markup seems extreme? I do believe this is Apple tho rather than DB.

    18% on $100+ purchases isn’t great.
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  • hatredhatred Member
    The heroic super pack, also for $4.99 grants 2000 gem+ 10x heroic summon which is equivalent to 4700 gem value.
    This is already worse, not to mention its always possible to be busy one day and not get to login.
  • hudson1520hudson1520 Member
    edited July 12
    @hatred what’s the heroic super pack? I’ve neber seen it. The point is this is always going to be available for purchase while the heroic super pack probably shows up once in a blue moon.

    Edit - I have a heroic super pack in my specials and it is 10$ for 2400 gems and 5 heroic summons. Is this the one your talking about ?
    Level - 80
    Guild- VIP LIFE
    Favorite Hero - Astrid
  • @hudson1520 no, I believe there are 3 versions of the heroic super pack and that one just happens to be the crappiest one.
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  • hatredhatred Member
    @hudson1520 for me its $4.99 USD for 10 heroic summon and 2k gem
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