Question about a specific rune's 4th stat

The following hero rune (see image) has a 4th stat of "+10% Damage Penetration", which makes it sound like the stat works everywhere (i.e., PvE, PvP, Tower). Consistent with this interpretation, I have other hero runes where the 4th stat specifically says "+10% Damage Penetration in PvP". However, when I look at the stats tab on Drakk's hero card, the rune does not contribute to his Damage Penetration % - suggesting that the rune stat only applies to certain aspects of the game.

So, which is it - everywhere? PvP only? something else?

@Joel - If it is for PvP only, the wording should be changed to make that more clear.

Thank you :)



  • MonkeyHunterMonkeyHunter Member
    edited July 28
    It works everywhere. The 10% dp 4th stat will give you anywhere between 5-10% dp, depending on how much dp your hero already has. It doesn’t show up on the hero card because it is evaluated separately using different method.
  • Thanks for the clarification @MonkeyHunter :)
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