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    This has probably been the most discouraging event to date. Coming from a player who was counting down to this event for weeks, it was hot mess from the beginning and huge disappointment up until the end - which is even a questionable time. To kick the frustration off, the event was delayed. This may not seem like a huge deal, but the time-frame just after a Grand Tourney kickoff is critical. The hours of raiding a player has before a majority of the community discovers the meta and builds a team around it is where a large amount of trophies are earned. It's an "early bird gets the worm" scenario, except you decided to make it a mystery as to when the sun was going to rise that morning.

    The event shop was lacking. I have 40K tickets left over after purchasing the rune (which I only purchased because it was there) and I am debating just rolling the dice on another ticket carry-over error, because there is nothing worthwhile for me to spend the rest on. The top players, however, truly were shafted with their joke-of-a-rune. The initial presentation of that rune make a lot of players decide to opt out of the competition during that critical pre-meta discovery time-frame. A decision was then made to swap out the rune for something more appealing, which sent players into a frenzied makeup raiding spree with a majority of the defenders having their assassins in place.

    The end of the event was initially advertised to end Sunday evening at Midnight, however the timer says Monday. My guild is telling me that snapshots were taken last night. If that is the case, I would have never known. I feel bad if there are players out there still trying to grind out raids for a ranking in the top100.

    Overall, just a huge letdown from planning to execution to payout. I don't know if there was a different process used for this event's planning, or a different team organizing it, but there was clearly a failure somewhere and I hope that you take the time to hold a productive after action review and find a root cause for this event's shortcomings. I was/am tempted to request refund for the $20 in raid tickets I purchased to heavily participate in this event.
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  • Wow the GGT is still going on even though they said it ends 11pm CST Sunday like normal? That's bad.
  • The weather here has been absolutely beautiful here. Knock on wood. Hottest week of summer and we're sitting in the 70's F.

    Excellent time to get a little walking, cleaning, etc.
  • Joel wrote: »
    Hey folks,

    We've heard the feedback and will be changing the leaderboard rune to one that we are optimistic players will be more enthusiastic about. We've also fixed the Family Dominance quest and removed the rogue passive mention from the event banner. The patch with both of these changes will be up within the next hour or two.

    In addition, we will be sending out free raid tickets to the players who bought the trophy boost yesterday. We will also be activating a free 1-hour trophy boost event banner today that you can claim any time before 12am CST tonight for all players.

    When are the free raid tickets being sent out? I purchased a boost 5 minutes before the 3pm CST in anticipation of using for GGT. I have not received the promised raid tickets yet.
  • In the last pvp event the free 2x raid was only available to certain timezones or insomniacs in Europe most of us missed out because we were asleep
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