My History With This Game

I don't know why, but I figured it might be fun to stroll down memory lane and talk about my history with this game. If any of you want to share your histories, you can share them here too!

So I starting playing this game waaay back in 2015, the week Augustus was released. I managed to snag him the last day he was featured in the heroic portal, and he quickly became the MVP of my roster. I played the game until May of 2016, where I became bored and tossed the game aside to play something else. I was level 54(?) at the time.

In December of that year, feeling bored with all the other mobile games being released, I decided to return to the game. Unlucky me, I returned to the game as a level 54 with no idea what runes or epics were, so I only lasted about two weeks before I gave up.

In April of 2017 I finally decided to make a new account, this one. At this I was mostly (really only) known for my DB story work and hopping around trying to find a guild, but I still was having fun learning about all the new heroes and slowly filling my roster back up. It wasn't until around the 4th of July of that year until I found a guild that actually tried in events, Evil LLC.

I was there for about a month, and then I was promoted to the top guild Evil Inc, with @Regus as my GM, and was quickly made an officer. From there I joined the Summit and DB leaders chat, even though I don't talk much on there, but I do read just about everything so I can stay up to date.

It wasn't until November that I started to feel burned out, and by the time Goretusk was released, I was done. I packed up my bags and moved on to other things, but not for long. I was back and ready to rumble the same day Agnon was released, and I've been (most of the time) happily playing since then.

So, if you are ever curious about my random gaps of knowledge, this is why.
Level: 74
Position: Officer of Evil Inc
Favorite Hero: Ekko
"Once you have accepted your flaws, no one can use them against you."


  • I started just before Julius was released from the VIP portal. Hence my username. I killed so many monkeys that week. Oh the memories.

    First guild: Society of Bosses. Only disbanded because devs killed slow leveling.

    First 5-star Hero (when there were only 5 stars): Black Diamond.
  • I started playing 2 months after the release. I played until i was lvl 35 because that's when my first account was deleted. Second account lasted until lvl 42 and was deleted again. 3rd account and i lasted until lvl 47,guess what happened? Yep it was deleted. The person deleting dungeon boss off of my tablet was my sister. Then i made a 4th account which lasted at lvl 50 but then that account was.....not deleted. My tablet broke and i went phone-less(or tablet-less in this case) for about 2 months. Then i gave up on DB for about 1 1/2 years. But i came back! A made an account halfway through the agnon event and grinded my way through several months to be the lvl 66 MajicBoss1 i am today!
  • DeathriftxDeathriftx Member
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    I started playing.... uh lets see. It was around when Balog was released, and a little bit after Kira was released. I personally remember how pissed people got because the julius event kept crashing them. Then there was the balog event that was like "Chance for free heroic summon on completion" (keep in mind, this was before quick looting) and honestly, i don't think anyone was lucky enough to get a free heroic summon from there.
  • Also during that time Dhaegon was actually a rumor! People didnt really know if he existed.
  • danacdanac Member
    I do't know when I started playing.
    I tried to download the game today to start playing, but it turns out I can't.
    Maybe I'll start tomorrow.

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