Runes for Torchy?

Yeah me runing and he ends up with 2000 health is not a good sign. Suggestions?


  • SchnuppeSchnuppe Member
    1 or 2 health runes and Solaris plus his beast friends. At level 50 get his Epic ;)
  • RocksorRocksor Member
    One life rune (green is my preference), one red elusive rune to bump up dodge to 25%, where maxing his dodge will help with having lower health. Remember that solaris will increase his life by 25%, so at 2000 health, he has 2400 health with Solaris.
  • I keep hearing he's good but mine sucks no matter how I rune him (lvl 39)
  • Does Grog increase his own HP only or all beast allies? He could be good too. I think you need Goretusk though since he gives Torchy 75% DR and taunts.
  • @MrTheWaffleKing Grog-Gnog can receive this health boost along with all other Beast Heroes.
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