Legendary Portal Doesn’t have Drakk

I noticed the legendary portal doesn’t have Drakk the Warlord as a potential pull even though he is legendary. Is this a bug or is he too new to be featured?


  • Probably because he’s “too new.” They’ll update that eventually.
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  • It says Only, not All. He was in the Heroic Portal a few days ago.
  • Who uses cruel king?
  • william wrote: »
    Who uses cruel king?

    I doubt anyone is using any of the goblins in PvP and winning. They can still be effective in PvE, but there are so many other options they're certainly not necessary anymore.

    Now the 6-member dwarf family has had a major upgrade, the Goblins deserve some love. Rolling the Ogres and Goblins into one family (all family bonuses can apply to both families) might be the quickest way to make them more effective, and they really deserve a fast hero, either Squinch or Zurk, and maybe make NubNub normal speed. Having a slow healer can be a big problem.
  • Barleyman wrote: »
    Having a slow healer can be a big problem.

    I think they call them 'differently abled' now....
  • StinkyStinky Member
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    They could also give Nubs a Ferno-esque passive that nobbles the damage dealt of all non-goblins until Nubs takes his first turn. Or to make it a bit more different, it could be an energy drain on all non-goblins. I don't like the idea of giving up on slow heroes altogether.

    You can get Ponti from the honor portal at all times, so he's the one who should get bumped out of the legendary portal event.
  • Nub nub needs to be slow for crit retaliates
  • Demons before goblins. Come on man.
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