Event failing to recognize running wood/dark wood levels

Event is not giving me credit for running boss mode Ch 13 runs towards the 20 runs for 4: Woodland Wanderer!!!! Wasted over 100 energy! Very frustrating. Chose those levels because they can drop water runes yet should count as “woods”.


  • BarleymanBarleyman Member
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    They've got the headers messed up on a lot of dungeons, annoying when this is the clue to what the dungeon counts as. e.g. All The current event Dungeons have the light/mountain bramble header but are clearly woods, mountain, ice and fire.

    Chapter 13 dungeons are Jungle, they didn't bother to make a new jungle header.

    I always run my chosen dungeon once to check it counts for the quest before embarking on multiple runs.
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  • JoelJoel Member, Administrator, Moderator, Boss Fight
    Jungle dungeon are not considered forest dungeons. I can see how that would be potentially confusing though, I'll talk with the team to see if there's something we can do about or messaging.
    Joel | Community Manager | Boss Fight Entertainment
  • Ok. I didn’t realize it was a jungle. I finished the quest already. I was thinking it was a forest that sometimes dropped water runes which was why I was trying it. Thanks for explaining.
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