another complaint/note from login issue

So, I log in after that mess, having missed an entire day, including collecting my chest.
I log in a few hours after chest reset.
Go to my dungeon, and watch the trophy bar lower and lower as it tells me all the raids I've lost since I last checked in.
There were 7 losses total.
They were all recorded on today's chest collection period that ends tomorrow.
The chest I could collect recorded 0 raids.
So when I collect tomorrow, I will have lost 7 raids worth of honor/gold.
I am 95% certain that some or all of those losses occurred in the previous period from 100am Eastern Wednesday to 400pm eastern Friday.
iow, *before* the current chest collection, either during the period I couldn't collect the chest or during the next 24 hour period that recorded no raids.

I've noticed this before.
When I login after that reset, even if it's a few minutes, all the raids show up on the current chest collection, even tho it's clear they occurred during the previous one.

Normally thatwouldn't matter so much, but since I missed a collection, this probably cost me some gold and honor from raids that occurred during that time that were deducted during this time.


  • They need to revamp the chest protection system. The resets and stealing from lucked chests is very annoying and makes no sense, especially when someone keeps you logged as a potential opponent for hours, you protect and they still steal from you.

    They should have it where protected does effect attackers (positive sum honor game doesn't really matter where they aren't live battles and chests refill), and the defender is protected during their protection time. It would actually make sense.
  • Does this work for the quest?
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