Anyone have a suggestion for beating this team in the tower

The last floor of my tower today is (in order)

Valkin, Therand, Emily, Dagrund.. I don't know if they have any special runes yet like tanking etc. cause I am still working my way up. I had a couple of dwarf teams I managed to get through lower down but it was almost by sheer luck I beat the second one. I'm just not sure what combo will work against this team (assuming I still have it by the time I get there).
I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating


  • StinkyStinky Member
    Here's a general tip: if the tower team has no fast heroes, but you do, you can safely scout out any tank runes. Simply send in your fast hero and retreat. It's fiddly to do this for every floor, but for floors ten and eleven it's worth it.

    Of course, I don't know what heroes you have or which abilities are up, but you could try Agnon, Emily, Ferno and Goretusk. I imagine the battle would play out a bit like the following.

    Goretusk's turn: if you have his freeze available, use it on Therand. Even if it fails to freeze, it'll knock the Aegis Shield off Emily.

    Valkin's turn: Emily and Agnon are completely debuff immune, and Goretusk is freeze immune (and even if he wasn't, he's taken his turn already). Ferno will get frozen, but that's okay. All of Valkin's team will have to attack Goretusk, since his taunt will be active; even though Ferno's frozen, his -attack debuff means they shouldn't be able to take out GT. Even if they pull it off, though, it's fine. You're on floor eleven and don't need GT after this fight.

    If no tank runes are in play, Agnon goes next. Kill their Emily.

    Therand's turn: hopefully he's been frozen. If not, again, Ferno's -attack debuff will take the sting out of Therand's ability.

    Your Emily's turn: revive GT, or cleanse. If everyone's alive and cleanse isn't available, go fish for an epic attack.

    Their Emily's turn: R.I.P. their Emily, we hardly knew ye.

    Ferno: freeze wears off.

    Dagrund: he'll use Energy Rune on someone. This is fine because their Emily is dead.

    After the first round it'll be a case of Agnon murdering Therand and then Valkin.
  • echonapechonap Member
    Alternatively, MK BD hopper SB. Use your three AEs and if anyone is left standing, SB kills them. If more than one, your priority should be valkin, therand, dagrund, then emily.
  • For anyone interested...

    I got to the level I sent in my underlevel Ember to soak the freeze since they didn't have any energy regening heroes there (except Dagrund which wouldn't be relevant). It turned out Valkin had a taunt rune. So I sent in Hopper, GT (who was fairly wounded), Agnon, and Emily... Emily didn't have her rez up and wouldn't for 3 rounds...

    Hopper used Soul Devour and ate the taunt, GT froze Therand and it actually landed and took the shield off Emily. Valkin went and used steel sharpens steel on my GT but miracle of miracles (especially since he was only at half life to start) GT survived. My Agnon dropped their Emily and killed her. Their Dagrund healed Therand. My Emily used Divine Justice on Valkin. Long story short. I killed Valkin and ate him but then Hopper got creamed by Therand and died. I used Emily to heal the group, kept Tusk Charge on Therand, and Agnon killed Therand then Dagrund.

    So others with similar issues, this is a group to potentially beat dwarves + Emily.
    I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
  • Of course the new tower has floor 9 with Lily, Valkin, Hagrim, Emily... that one seems easier though the fast Hagrim is a pain.
    I can no longer decide from day to day what to think of this game.... and that is frustrating
  • StinkyStinky Member
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    Goretusk, Shade, Hopper and Zomm should be able to handle that lot, as long as you can stop Lily from casting those darn vines.
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