Hero Family Idea: Guardians.

Since we now have Hero families that classify heroes based on a position/specialty rather than a race or species (such as the new Barbarian, Assasin, and Honorbound families,) I propose a new family Idea: Guardian.

We have multiple heroes without a family, that have characteristics of a righteous protector, defender of the weak. Some guardian heroes could be:
-Archangel Emily
-Sir William

Perhaps the Guardian family could share a passive in which they will defend allies from single target death blows, similar to Sir William’s new Couragous Knight Passive. And then take it a step further: When a Guardian Dies protecting an ally, they can revive the next turn and possibly get a special bonus.

I think if a Guardian family was added it could go one of two ways: A new family with synergies, or a family who’s members can work without the others, protecting allies with noble sacrifices.

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  • I like the idea, but I wouldn't include Emily and Yasmin. You don't want them jumping into harm's way, especially with Emily - her passive AoE purge whenever she starts her turn is crucial in stripping off shroud/taunts/stealth/graniteform, so her sacrifice would derail an attack. Not to mention she's perfect as she is at the moment, it might be best not to upset the apple cart.

    I'd put Overlord Executum in the list. Thematically, he already hops in front of attacks as his signature move, and in practical terms he really needs a buff of some kind.
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