Weekly crown tournament issues

Counter did not reset


  • Yes, same here - no rewards mail and no crown reset yet, and now 52 min past the usual time...
  • Someone forgot to flip the switch this week. Lol
  • HazZard1986HazZard1986 Member
    edited August 2018
    What's wrong with you guy's? You messed up the UH shop offer, two compensation mails, took the old UH rune from last event, wrong description for the event ticket rune, crown reset is broken, Iris zero damage bugs, buff symbols are gone for weeks...? You should hire some new programmers or the game will die!
  • @DB_Stanley
    If anyone is around working on it ... please let the community know 😉
  • Seriously devs, you guys got to stop getting high so much at work. Save it for after hours.
  • If we can't collect crowns this will impact on ticket collection as well suggest that you up the amount of tickets available from sparklies
  • @ironside
    You can still run dungeons, do pvp and do crowns ... just do not turn them in
  • Seems like a rookie mistake, 3 1/2 hours later, still no reset...
  • The worst part is the lack of acknowledgement via the devs...
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