Valkin runes

Hello guys im Styzo

Im creating dwarf team but i dont know how to build runes.

Can you write me best pvp and pve runes for all slots?
And do i need a taunt tank for pve for this team if yes which one is best for this team.

I have rogar and father , valkin , and caster dwarf and dargund


  • I don't know whether this is the best way to go, but here's how I runed my dwarves.

    Valkin: the red rune is attack/attack/defense, but apart from that they're all defense. However, I've used the blue runes to bump up his skill somewhere north of 3k, which makes his passive attack and defense buff give 35%, and makes his crit sit at ~40%. Most importantly skill increases the chance for To War to freeze enemies, which is a large part of Valkin's appeal. I don't feel too bad about his attack being low because he causes the rest of the team to launch a basic attack anyway, which can add a good chunk of single target damage to whatever he does.

    Dagrund: the red rune is attack/attack/defense, but apart from that they're all health and defense. The blue rune is the tank rune. His role is to give out buffs, so I don't feel bad about him taking the hits; if he does get to use Smackdown, then as with Valkin, everyone else is going to pile on anyway to cause damage. Thanks to the +35% defense from Valkin, +20% from the epic (I know I know, I'm working on maxing it out) and +51% from the taunt buff, he's pushing something like 12k-13k defense at the start of a fight. I think that's pretty darn tough for a 5*, level 71 character with no elite runes. His innate +44% health helps, too.

    Hagrim/Therand/Rogar: I'd go with three attack runes, two defense ones. You want them to be beefy, but not die to AoE damage. Unless you're going to use Emily or Solaris, in which case go for broke.

    Dad: as above, but you'll want skill and pure +crit. Try and get him up to 50% crit. He gets energy from crits, so yeah, but some skill to increase the chance of applying shock and silence is probably a good idea. Also, unlike the previous three he doesn't have to worry about being unable to crit his elemental disadvantage.
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    @Stinky I agree with everything but Dagrund. Build him with skill not attack, as he'll never really deal all that damage so you're better off just giving him skill, increasing his healing, team lifesteal, and health buffs. My Dagrund has 20k health with 8k defense, and these are stats without tank runes(I only have the light one), survivor runes, etc. Mostly greater runes too, with a few superiors. This guy has only died in about 20 raids, in the 400+ raids I've brought him on.

    Infact, on defense he puts up a real fight agaisnt zomm& his zomminions, leading to 15+ minute fights because of the insane durability of Valkin and Dagrund, even if they lack one shotting damage at times.
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